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Jan Erik Petersen AgentOak

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AgentOak / skeleton2
Created September 11, 2019 22:06
SysVinit service skeleton using start-stop-daemon
# This init script is compatible with the LSB 4.1.0 Core Section 20.2.
# Modify the options above the vertical line only.
# This script was designed to be compatible with any daemon. Even if your
# program is not a daemon, you can specify "--background --make-pidfile" in
# START_OPTIONS to make it a daemon.
# Check out start-stop-daemon(8) for more options. All options can also be set
AgentOak /
Last active July 22, 2024 10:10
Youtube Format IDs

Last updated: April 2021

Also known as itag or format codes and way back they could be specified with the fmt parameter (e.g. &fmt=22). Depending on the age and/or popularity of the video, not all formats will be available.

DASH video

Resolution AV1 HFR High AV1 HFR AV1 VP9.2 HDR HFR VP9 HFR VP9 H.264 HFR H.264
MP4 MP4 MP4 WebM WebM WebM MP4 MP4
AgentOak / VNCViewer_Login.ahk
Last active September 11, 2019 22:07
AutoHotKey script for writing long passwords into VNCviewers with broken paste
SendMode Input
SetBatchLines -1
; Ask for username and password
InputBox, username, VNCViewer Login, Username, , , , , , , , root
if Errorlevel ; User cancelled
InputBox, password, VNCViewer Login, Password, HIDE