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Last active September 11, 2019 22:07
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AutoHotKey script for writing long passwords into VNCviewers with broken paste
SendMode Input
SetBatchLines -1
; Ask for username and password
InputBox, username, VNCViewer Login, Username, , , , , , , , root
if Errorlevel ; User cancelled
InputBox, password, VNCViewer Login, Password, HIDE
if ErrorLevel ; User cancelled
MsgBox, 1, VNCViewer Login, After pressing OK, you will have 3 seconds`nto click inside the applet to give it focus.`n`nCancel will exit the program.
IfMsgBox, Cancel
Sleep, 3000
; Send username and password
SendRaw, %username%
Send, {ENTER}
Sleep, 3000
SendRaw, %password%
Send, {ENTER}
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