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Created Mar 4, 2020
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# Function to calculate VIF
def calculate_vif(data):
vif_df = pd.DataFrame(columns = ['Var', 'Vif'])
x_var_names = data.columns
for i in range(0, x_var_names.shape[0]):
y = data[x_var_names[i]]
x = data[x_var_names.drop([x_var_names[i]])]
r_squared = sm.OLS(y,x).fit().rsquared
vif = round(1/(1-r_squared),2)
vif_df.loc[i] = [x_var_names[i], vif]
return vif_df.sort_values(by = 'Vif', axis = 0, ascending=False, inplace=False)
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