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Created May 18, 2020 06:34
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dtr = DecisionTreeRegressor(),Y_train)
y_pred = dtr.predict(X_test)
submission['Purchase'] = y_pred_dt
mse = mean_squared_error(Y_test, y_pred)
print("RMSE Error:", np.sqrt(mse))
r2 = r2_score(Y_test, y_pred)
print("R2 Score:", r2)
feature_important = dtr.get_score(importance_type='gain')
keys = list(feature_important.keys())
values = list(feature_important.values())
total = sum(values)
new = [value * 100. / total for value in values]
new = np.round(new,2)
feature_importances = pd.DataFrame()
feature_importances['Features'] = keys
feature_importances['Importance (%)'] = new
feature_importances = feature_importances.sort_values(['Importance (%)'],ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True)
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