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Created April 7, 2024 23:36 — forked from triwav/
Roku Device List

Roku Devices


Roku provides the leading operating system for TV. We design the firmware and cloud services to run optimally across a wide range of devices. When developing on Roku OS, it's important for your channel(s) to perform across our wide range of products.


AlexDev404 /
Created November 30, 2023 03:08 — forked from madagra/
HULK Python Script : Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# HULK - HTTP Unbearable Load King
# this tool is a dos tool that is meant to put heavy load on HTTP servers in order to bring them
# to their knees by exhausting the resource pool, its is meant for research purposes only
# and any malicious usage of this tool is prohibited.
# author : Barry Shteiman , version 1.0
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
import urllib2

GitHub Search Syntax for Finding API Keys/Secrets/Tokens

As a security professional, it is important to conduct a thorough reconnaissance. With the increasing use of APIs nowadays, it has become paramount to keep access tokens and other API-related secrets secure in order to prevent leaks. However, despite technological advances, human error remains a factor, and many developers still unknowingly hardcode their API secrets into source code and commit them to public repositories. GitHub, being a widely popular platform for public code repositories, may inadvertently host such leaked secrets. To help identify these vulnerabilities, I have created a comprehensive search list using powerful search syntax that enables the search of thousands of leaked keys and secrets in a single search.

Search Syntax:

(path:*.{File_extension1} OR path:*.{File_extension-N}) AND ({Keyname1} OR {Keyname-N}) AND (({Signature/pattern1} OR {Signature/pattern-N}) AND ({PlatformTag1} OR {PlatformTag-N}))



Google has an amazing free API endpoint for text completions ,

below are some examples of the completions I got and the python code to interact with the API

Star this gist if this was helpful to you. Enjoy text completions

user@linux:$ python3
 > hackers are
hackers are watching you
AlexDev404 /
Created September 19, 2023 22:46 — forked from mdang/
Lesson: SDLC

The Software Development Life Cycle

Learning Objectives


  • Explain what SDLC is and why we use it
  • Provide a general overview of what "Agile" means and compare it to Waterfall
  • Explain what SCRUM is, and how it relates to agile.
  • Describe the process of requirements gathering.
  • Explain what a user story is, and what specific points it should include.
$ pkgutil --expand swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a-osx.pkg swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a-osx
$ cd swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a-osx
$ cd swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a-osx-package.pkg
$ mv Payload
$ open .
double click to extract
$ cd Payload\ 2/usr/bin
$ ./swiftc -v
Apple Swift version 3.0-dev (LLVM b361b0fc05, Clang 11493b0f62, Swift 24a0c3de75)
AlexDev404 / dabblet.css
Created December 13, 2022 19:54 — forked from phinton2/dabblet.css
Project 3 - Interactive Wii Menu
/** Project 3 - Interactive Wii Menu */
SQL Server 2017
Enterprise Core - 6GPYM-VHN83-PHDM2-Q9T2R-KBV83
Developer - 22222-00000-00000-00000-00000
Enterprise - TDKQD-PKV44-PJT4N-TCJG2-3YJ6B
AlexDev404 / Google_oAuth.js
Created May 1, 2022 21:29 — forked from entaq/Google_oAuth.js
Google oAuth 2.0 sample
reference -
////handle all requests here
function doGet(e) {
AlexDev404 /
Created February 15, 2022 20:11 — forked from dllud/
Public XMPP servers with Tor Hidden Service

Public XMPP servers with Tor Hidden Service

This is a tentative list of public XMPP (Jabber) servers that provide a Tor Hidden Service (.onion address) for connections from within Tor network. By public I mean, servers that are free for everyone to use and place no barriers on registration.

Clearnet domain Tor Hidden Service In-Band registration XEP compliance IM Observatory grade jtovcabr2vhflcqg.onion disabled Excellent A ujvdniabz53upqfx.onion disabled Excellent A