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Customize Windows Cmder Prompt
-- Find out current branch
-- @return {false|git branch name}
function get_git_branch()
for line in io.popen("git branch 2>nul"):lines() do
local m = line:match("%* (.+)$")
if m then
return m
return false
-- Get the status of working dir
-- @return {bool}
function get_git_status()
return os.execute("git diff --quiet --ignore-submodules HEAD")
function git_prompt_filter()
-- Colors for git status
-- clean = "\x1b[1;37;40m",
-- dirty = "\x1b[31;1m",
local colors = {
clean = "\x1b[34;42m\x1b[37;42m",
dirty = "\x1b[34;43m\x1b[30;43m",
local branch = get_git_branch()
if branch then
-- Has branch => therefore it is a git folder, now figure out status
if get_git_status() then
-- clean
color = colors.clean
clink.prompt.value = string.gsub(clink.prompt.value, "{git}", color..""..branch.." \x1b[32;40m")
-- dirty
color = colors.dirty
clink.prompt.value = string.gsub(clink.prompt.value, "{git}", color..""..branch.." \x1b[33;40m")
return true
-- No git present or not in git file
clink.prompt.value = string.gsub(clink.prompt.value, "{git}", " \x1b[34;40m")
return false
clink.prompt.register_filter(git_prompt_filter, 50)
:: Init Script for cmd.exe
:: Sets some nice defaults
:: Created as part of cmder project
:: Find root dir
@if not defined CMDER_ROOT (
for /f %%i in ("%ConEmuDir%\..\..") do @set CMDER_ROOT=%%~fi
:: Change the prompt style
:: Mmm tasty lamb
@prompt $E[37;44m$P$S{git}$_$E[34;40m{lamb}$S$E[0m
::@prompt $E[1;32;40m$P$S{git}$S$_$E[1;30;40m{lamb}$S$E[0m
::@prompt $E[1;32;40m$P$S$S$_$E[1;30;40m$G$S$E[0m
:: Pick right version of clink
set architecture=86
) else (
set architecture=64
:: Run clink
@"%CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\clink\clink_x%architecture%.exe" inject --quiet --profile "%CMDER_ROOT%\config"
:: Prepare for msysgit
:: I do not even know, copypasted from their .bat
@if not defined TERM set TERM=cygwin
:: Enhance Path
@set git_install_root=%CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\msysgit
@set PATH=%CMDER_ROOT%\bin;%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw\bin;%git_install_root%\cmd;%git_install_root%\share\vim\vim74;%CMDER_ROOT%;%PATH%
:: Add aliases
@doskey /macrofile="%CMDER_ROOT%\config\aliases"
:: Set home path
@if not defined HOME set HOME=%USERPROFILE%
@if defined CMDER_START (
@cd /d "%CMDER_START%"
) else (
@if "%CD%\" == "%CMDER_ROOT%" (
@cd /d "%HOME%"
function lambda_prompt_filter()
clink.prompt.value = string.gsub(clink.prompt.value, "{lamb}", "λ")
clink.prompt.register_filter(lambda_prompt_filter, 40)
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lborg019 commented Oct 20, 2016

where do you place the prompt.lua file?

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CalumMunro commented Sep 6, 2017

Not sure if it's still relevant to you @Iborg019, but the prompt.lua just goes in the cmder/config folder with the git.lua.

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DRSDavidSoft commented Mar 23, 2018

This page is available on the Web Archive, if @AmrEldib's blog is still inaccessible.

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