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Last active March 17, 2023 12:13
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orochii commented Aug 2, 2020

I do understand your point however. RPG Maker as a whole has aged poorly, not only the old Ruby incarnations, the newer Javascript ones still miss some important points (i.e. logic still tied to fps, though I think this is also done because it's easier to understand for newcomers).

I think mkxp did what was doable. Which is to improve the things that could be improved, namely the groundworks of the engine, while maintaining compatibility as good as possible. Inori did some great stuff too as they managed to add Win32API support to mkxp-z. If you can grab a vanilla RMXP project (anything that doesn't use win32api works out of the box), throw mkxp, and instantly regain like 500FPS, that's an absolute victory for me. The rest is up to the community and every developer out there.

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thank you for your work. open-source implementations of proprietary engines like these are critical for preservation and software freedom and my personal favorite kind of projects. don't stress over development, that just takes away the joy of programming. we'll be here whenever you feel like coming back

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