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#!/usr/bin/env python
from itertools import product
from functools import reduce
from operator import mul
BOSS = "boss"
IED = "ied"
ATT = "att"
ANY = "any"

summary of destiny changes. not everything, just the most relevant things

I don't know korean so don't 100% trust this. I just compiled info from streams and the showcase

showcase video

1st patch (dec 30th)

new sunny sundays

  • Extreme Level Up Time (3x exp event 10am ~ 10pm). note: KMS exp events are additive, not

if you ever find yourself having to code on windows, here's some sane tooling to get a smooth experience

keyboard repeat rate

windows doesn't allow you to set the keyboard repeat rate nearly high enough, so we have to use keyrate

to set a fast repeat rate at boot:

  • put keyrate.exe in C:
  • win+r -> shell:startup

scenario: you have a windows vm failing to boot with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE and changing the disk type to ide or something else causes another bsod. how to you get it to boot up again without a physical machine?

download the stable virtio drivers from here, in iso form:

add the iso to your qemu/virt manager config as a cd/dvd drive

windows should send you to the recovery mode screen, but if it doesn't you might have to run a windows install iso to get to it.

Francesco149 /
Created May 12, 2020 21:39
MapleStory Magnus's plan quest "bug" - Heretic Priests not spawning

I recently got confused with Angelic Buster's questline when i left the heretic temple after accepting magnus's plan (매그너스의 계획). when I cam back, the cutscene with the 3 priests seemed to not be triggering. I searched the web for solutions but all I found were some unanswered posts.

even though this is just a link mule it was bothering me so I decided to try and figure it out

after trying the usual things like forfeiting and re-accepting the quest, I noticed a post on inven that directed people to a different entrance for the heretic temple. and then it hit me - there are two heretic temple maps, one with red monks and the other one with blue monks and i was going to the wrong one. they look almost the same so I didn't notice

View sm64_rpi.diff
< # Main loop for standard, non-continuous sound effects
> // Main loop for standard, non-continuous sound effects
< # keep looping until layer 0 finishes or we are told to stop or to play something else
> // keep looping until layer 0 finishes or we are told to stop or to play something else
< chan_bltz .skip_023589 # if we have a signal:

how to build the super mario 64 pc port

the binary will be in build/

PC Port - Before Building

  • get the sm64 US rom in z64 format, rename to and put it in the sm64pc root folder
  • you can also use the japanese rom (except rename to .jp instead of .us) and when you run make you would pass VERSION=jp
View BattleResultRequest__beginRequest.c
void BattleResultRequest$$beginRequest
(undefined4 requestBase,undefined4 __unused,uint battleEntityPrimaryKey1,
int battleEntityPrimaryKey2,uint battleResult,undefined4 winResult,undefined4 scores,
undefined4 action,Array *voicePlayedList,Array *aliveEnemys,
Array_RaidResult_ *raidResult,Array_SuperBossResult_ *superBossResult,
undefined4 elapsedTurn,undefined4 usedTurnList,undefined4 recordType,
undefined4 recordValueJson,int tdPlayed,undefined4 usedEquipSkillList)
int iVar1;
View klbvfs.c
int file_xRead(sqlite3_file *file,byte *dst,int iAmt,int64_t iOfst)
uint highbits;
uint bit33to32_or_shiftright1;
ulonglong tmpoff;
int xReadResult;
int random1;
int random3;
int random_multiplier;
#!/bin/env python
# this is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain
# for more information, please refer to <>
import hmac
import hashlib
import os
import json
import uuid