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Last active Mar 6, 2022
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A list of known devs that either left a Discord API wrapper as maintainer or took a break from it.

List of Discord API Wrapper resignations

This is a (probably) non-exhaustive list of various devs of different Discord API Wrappers that resigned from being a maintainer either completely or for a unknown time.
The entries are in chronological order and contain screenshots and/or links to posts explaining the reasons behind why the devs stoped.

DO NOT annoy the devs mentioned in this gist. They all have their reasons to stop or take a break and should not be annoyed by you.


The listed reasons are my own words and may not be fully paraphrased from the original. They may not represent the actual reasons behind the person's motivation.
Links and screenshots to the actual messages have been attached to give you the chance of reading their motivations yourself and make your own opinion.

In case of screenshots are message links to the original message posted in their respective server provided. Please make sure to be on the particular server to see the message.


Rapptz posted a Gist announcing their return to and the work on v2 of it.

Rapptz was the orginal creator and maintainer of Discord.py1 the Python Wrapper for the Discord API.
They resigned after Discord announced their plans for the future, including the mention of the priviledged Message intent becoming a reality.

Their resignation seems to be permanent.



MinnDevelopment (aka Minn) was a core maintainer of JDA2 and announcement his resignation on the JDA Discord Server3.
The reasons where mostly that he simply lost motivation to really maintain JDA and also the increasing amount of new features Discord is constantly releasing in a short while, causing a large back-log to build up.

There is no sign of this being a permanent resignation, but there is also none for any return soon.



amishshah was the creator of discord.js4 and announced their resignation similar to Rapptz in the form of a GitHub Gist.
Their reason was simply, that they are no longer really a core contributor and that others have started to take over most if not all of the tasks, so they essentially transferred ownership to the other core maintainer(s).

This resignation is permanent.



Naamloos is the creator of DSharpPlus5 a C# wrapper for the Discord API.
They announced their resignation through an announcement on the DSharpPlus Discord Server6 stating reasons being more important things such as school, but also that recent development changes by Discord lead to this.

This resignation seems to be permanent.



Following the resignation of Naamloos, Neuheit (Known as sh30801#3056 on Discord) announced their end with the DSharpPlus5 Library on the DSharpPlus Discord6.
This is the second known resignation for DSharpPlus and they seem to look for possible new Maintainers to avoid archiving the library as a whole.

The resignation seems permanent.







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TrxppyVX commented Dec 12, 2021

Wish Discord could do somethin to help prevent this or smth

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