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Coding in java and working on my bots

Andre_601 Andre601

Coding in java and working on my bots
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Andre601 /
Last active March 6, 2022 12:14
A list of known devs that either left a Discord API wrapper as maintainer or took a break from it.

List of Discord API Wrapper resignations

This is a (probably) non-exhaustive list of various devs of different Discord API Wrappers that resigned from being a maintainer either completely or for a unknown time.
The entries are in chronological order and contain screenshots and/or links to posts explaining the reasons behind why the devs stoped.

DO NOT annoy the devs mentioned in this gist. They all have their reasons to stop or take a break and should not be annoyed by you.


The listed reasons are my own words and may not be fully paraphrased from the original. They may not represent the actual reasons behind the person's motivation.
Links and screenshots to the actual messages have been attached to give you the chance of reading their motivations yourself and make your own opinion.

Andre601 / MC_1.10.yml
Last active December 17, 2022 17:57
Minecraft Soundnames
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# Sounds that play in the enviroment, like thunder sound effect.
# Sounds that blocks make when interacting with them.
Andre601 / language_de.yml
Created February 10, 2017 12:18
German translation of the language file from ArmorStandTools
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# Armor Stand Tools
# von St3venAU
# Sprach Config
# Deutsche Übersetzung von Andre_601 (Andre424971)
# Datei generiert von: v2.1.4