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Last active October 4, 2020 23:25
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BotLink Policy

This policy will apply to the website located under as-well as all its subdomains and sub-pages.
By using BotLink (The "service") you agree to these policies.

Intended use

The Service is meant to be utlized as a Link-Shortener service for Discord OAuth2 Invites under the bot scope.
Any link created acts as a general redirection to the Discord OAuth2 Invites.

Collection of information

No personal information is collected. Only anonymous information about the request itself is recorded and cannot be traced back to an individual.

Usage of Data

In order for the end user to use the service are they required to provide specific data.
The data includes a number representing an id of a Discord Bot Account and a number representing a permission-scope requested by the Discord Bot Account.


The owner of the site and domain cannot be made liable for misuse of the service.
The owner has faith in individuals using the site for its intended purpose (to invite bots to Discord Servers) and does not encourage any illegal and/or abusive behavious with this service in any shape or form possible.

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