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Derived Dribbble Scema
# Not everything is defined here, just what was mentioned in the article
type User {
id: ID!
name: String!
avatar: Image!
isPro: Boolean!
viewerHasFollowed: Boolean!
shots(exclude: ID): ShotConnection!
enum CommentOrdering {
type Comment {
id: ID!
author: User!
content: HTML!
shot: Shot! # For completeness, not strictly needed
submittedAt: DateTime!
numLikes: Int!
viewerHasLiked: Boolean!
likedBy: UserConnection!
type Shot {
id: ID!
title: String!
description: HTML!
postedAt: DateTime!
image: Image!
createdBy: User!
commissionedBy: User
tags: [Tag!]!
colors: [Color!]!
viewerHasLiked: Boolean!
viewerHasSaved: Boolean!
numComments: Int!
numLikes: Int!
numSaves: Int!
comments(orderBy: CommentOrdering = OLDEST_FIRST): CommentConnection!
likedBy: UserConnection!
savedIn: CollectionConnection!
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