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#! /usr/bin/env ruby
# Generate all tags for all gems included by bundler in gems.tags
# Basically does the same as "bundle show gemname", except for all gems.
# Interestingly enough, "bundle show" without any arguments falls back to
# "bundle list", otherwise the whole thing could have been a bash one-liner.
require 'bundler'
paths =
system("ctags -R -f gems.tags #{paths.join(' ')}")

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wraithgar commented Aug 15, 2012

Bundle show lists paths with the --paths parameter, so:

ctags -R -f gems.tags bundle show --paths

There's your one liner


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wikimatze commented Jul 16, 2013

Hi @wraothgar,

thanks for your one liner addition. It worked for me as soon as I placed backticks arounf the bundle show --paths command in the terminal.

ctags -R -f gems.tag `bundle show --paths`
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