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Matthias Günther wikimatze

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wikimatze /
Created Apr 22, 2021
Basic introduction into tmux

%title: tmux - terminal multiplexer for Unix OS %author: @wikimatze %date: 2021-04-22

-> tmux <-

-> Have multiple terminal sessions used in parallel in a single window <-

wikimatze / _post.haml
Created Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial _post.haml
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= link_to post.title, url_for(:posts, :show, :id =>
.has-addons time_ago_in_words(post.created_at || + ' ago'
wikimatze / application.js
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial application js
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document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
// Get all "navbar-burger" elements
var $navbarBurgers ='.navbar-burger'), 0);
// Check if there are any navbar burgers
if ($navbarBurgers.length > 0) {
// Add a click event on each of them
$navbarBurgers.forEach(function ($el) {
$el.addEventListener('click', function () {
wikimatze / application.css
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial application css
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.hero-body {
background-image: url(;
background-position: center;
background-size: cover;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
height: 700px;
background-color: black;
h1.title {
wikimatze / application.haml
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial application layout
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!!! Strict
%title= "Padrino Sample Blog"
= stylesheet_link_tag 'bulma', 'application'
= javascript_include_tag 'jquery', 'application'
wikimatze / migrateExistingPostsToFirstAccount.rb
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial migrateExistingPostsToFirstAccount
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Sequel.migration do
up do
first_account_id = from(:accounts).get(:id)
if first_account_id
from(:posts).update(account_id: first_account_id)
down do
wikimatze / show.haml
Last active Oct 14, 2018
padrino blog tutorial show.haml
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%h3.title.article-title= @post.title
.tags.has-addons.level-item time_ago_in_words(@post.created_at || + ' ago'
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project :test => :rspec, :orm => :activerecord
generate 'model', 'account username:string password:string'
generate 'model', 'post title:string body:text'
generate 'controller', 'posts get:index get:new post:new'
generate 'controller', 'users get:index'
generate 'migration', 'AddEmailToAccount email:string'
require_dependencies 'nokogiri'
git :init
git :add, "."
wikimatze / vimb_error.txt
Created Nov 11, 2017
Error when starting vimb 2.12
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Here is the stacktrace:
[fresh] [error] tables_open_display, glXQueryVersion returned False
[fresh] [error] tables_open_display, glXQueryVersion returned False
GNU gdb (Ubuntu 7.7.1-0ubuntu5~14.04.2) 7.7.1
Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.