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# Vim Conf 2017

:   Matthias Günther

# Talks 1

- [@fatih]( The Past and Future of Vim-go
[]( "")

Generating the slides with rabbit -p --slides-per-page 1 -o test.pdf and

rabbit -v => 2.2.1 as well as

wm@wm ~/bitbucket/presentations/vim-conf-2017 (vim-conf-2017 ✭ ✗ ◼) » gem list | grep cairo
cairo (1.15.4)
cairo-gobject (3.1.9)

In the generated PDF file are the links not clickable, what I'm missing?


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@kou kou commented Nov 15, 2017

It works well on my Rabbit:

Maybe your cairo (not cairo gem) is old:

% ruby -r cairo -e 'p [Cairo::VERSION, Cairo::BINDINGS_VERSION]'
[[1, 15, 8], [1, 15, 11, nil]]
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