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searls / market_research.rb
Last active Sep 18, 2018
Was chatting with @mfeathers about retaining Ruby's chained Enumerable style, but finding a way to inject names that reflects the application domain (as opposed to just littering functional operations everywhere, which may be seen as a sort of Primitive Obsession)
View market_research.rb
# A little toy file demonstrating how to build chainable
# data transformations that reveal some amount of intent
# through named extracted methods.
# Kudos to @mfeathers for giving me the idea to try this
# Copyright Test Double, LLC, 2016. All Rights Reserved.
require_relative "marketing_refinements"

How I would describe quicksort in an imperative way:

def sort(list):
    pivot is midpoint(list)
    left_part is an empty list
    right_part is an empty list

    for every item in the list
        if the item is smaller than the pivot
            add(item) to left_part
View git-ad
#! /bin/sh
# If you often mistype "git add", you could alias "ad=add". Or, you could use
# this script.
random=$(( RANDOM % 3 ));
case $random in
0) echo "Buy Git! Now with 20% more rebase!";;
1) echo "Merge, branch, AND rebase? But wait, there's more!";;

Относно подравняването на кода.

Да разгледаме този код:

describe Registration do
  it "disallows duplicates" do
    create(:registration, uid: '123', provider: 'twitter')

    first_registration  = build(:registration, provider: 'twitter',  uid: '123')
othree / switchCase.vim
Created May 27, 2013
Switch between different case type: camelCase -> MixedCase -> snake_case -> UPPER_CASE -> dash-case -> camelCase
View switchCase.vim
let g:switch_custom_definitions =
\ [
\ {
\ '\<\(\l\)\(\l\+\(\u\l\+\)\+\)\>': '\=toupper(submatch(1)) . submatch(2)',
\ '\<\(\u\l\+\)\(\u\l\+\)\+\>': "\\=tolower(substitute(submatch(0), '\\(\\l\\)\\(\\u\\)', '\\1_\\2', 'g'))",
\ '\<\(\l\+\)\(_\l\+\)\+\>': '\U\0',
\ '\<\(\u\+\)\(_\u\+\)\+\>': "\\=tolower(substitute(submatch(0), '_', '-', 'g'))",
\ '\<\(\l\+\)\(-\l\+\)\+\>': "\\=substitute(submatch(0), '-\\(\\l\\)', '\\u\\1', 'g')",
\ }
\ ]
AndrewRadev / tohtml
Last active Aug 13, 2016
Use Vim's :TOhtml to make the core of a syntax highlighter.
View tohtml
#! /usr/bin/env ruby
require 'tempfile'
require 'vimrunner'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'json'
if ARGV.count < 2
puts "USAGE: tohtml <colorscheme-file> <filename> [filenames ...]"
exit 1
andkerosine / raskell.rb
Created Aug 15, 2012
Haskell-like list comprehensions in Ruby
View raskell.rb
$stack, $draws = [], {}
def method_missing *args
return if args[0][/^to_/]
$stack << { |a| a or $stack.pop }
$draws[$stack.pop(2)[0][0]] = args[1] if args[0] == :<
class Array
def +@
AndrewRadev / with.vim
Created Apr 16, 2012
"with" command for vimscript
View with.vim
let s:undo_stack = []
command! -nargs=1 With call s:With(<f-args>)
function! s:With(expression)
if a:expression[0] == '*'
return s:WithFunction(a:expression)
return s:WithVariable(a:expression)
skanev /
Created Feb 1, 2012
zsh: autocomplete words in current tmux session
# Autocomplete from current tmux screen buffer
_tmux_pane_words() {
local expl
local -a w
if [[ -z "$TMUX_PANE" ]]; then
_message "not running inside tmux!"
return 1
w=( ${(u)=$(tmux capture-pane \; show-buffer \; delete-buffer)} )
_wanted values expl 'words from current tmux pane' compadd -a w
AndrewRadev / nerdtree_fix.vim
Created Nov 11, 2011
When :edit-ing in NERDTree, open the file in the closest buffer instead
View nerdtree_fix.vim
" Whenever you execute an `:edit somefile` command with the cursor in the
" NERDTree, the file gets edited in the NERDTree buffer, which is usually not
" something you want. This autocommand attempts to edit the given file in the
" closest non-NERDTree buffer instead.
" It's fairly hacky, but seems to work. I'll probably use it myself, so I'll
" try to remember to update it if I find any problems.
augroup AvoidEditingNERDTree
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