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Limit the maximum number of goroutines running at the same time
package main
import (
// Fake a long and difficult work.
func DoWork() {
time.Sleep(500 * time.Millisecond)
func main() {
maxNbConcurrentGoroutines := flag.Int("maxNbConcurrentGoroutines", 5, "the number of goroutines that are allowed to run concurrently")
nbJobs := flag.Int("nbJobs", 100, "the number of jobs that we need to do")
// Dummy channel to coordinate the number of concurrent goroutines.
// This channel should be buffered otherwise we will be immediately blocked
// when trying to fill it.
concurrentGoroutines := make(chan struct{}, *maxNbConcurrentGoroutines)
// Fill the dummy channel with maxNbConcurrentGoroutines empty struct.
for i := 0; i < *maxNbConcurrentGoroutines; i++ {
concurrentGoroutines <- struct{}{}
// The done channel indicates when a single goroutine has
// finished its job.
done := make(chan bool)
// The waitForAllJobs channel allows the main program
// to wait until we have indeed done all the jobs.
waitForAllJobs := make(chan bool)
// Collect all the jobs, and since the job is finished, we can
// release another spot for a goroutine.
go func() {
for i := 0; i < *nbJobs; i++ {
// Say that another goroutine can now start.
concurrentGoroutines <- struct{}{}
// We have collected all the jobs, the program
// can now terminate
waitForAllJobs <- true
// Try to start nbJobs jobs
for i := 1; i <= *nbJobs; i++ {
fmt.Printf("ID: %v: waiting to launch!\n", i)
// Try to receive from the concurrentGoroutines channel. When we have something,
// it means we can start a new goroutine because another one finished.
// Otherwise, it will block the execution until an execution
// spot is available.
fmt.Printf("ID: %v: it's my turn!\n", i)
go func(id int) {
fmt.Printf("ID: %v: all done!\n", id)
done <- true
// Wait for all jobs to finish

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xor-gate commented Sep 12, 2017

Somebody has created a limiter package which does almost the same as your gist, except it uses atomics to generate job ids:


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naikrovek commented Jun 6, 2018

@xor-gate thank you, I was looking for something like this.

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