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Last active November 21, 2021 10:21
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Generate list of fasteners from FreeCAD files
Run with FreeCAD's bundled interpreter.
"C:/Program Files/FreeCAD 0.19/bin/python.exe"
from pathlib import Path
import re
import FreeCAD
import json
import FreeCADGui as Gui
# This is cross-platform now as long as the script is in the project directory
target_file = Path(__file__).parent.joinpath('CAD/v1-180-assembly.FCStd')
# Regex pattern to match all fasteners
fastener_pattern = re.compile('.*-(Screw|Washer|HeatSet|Nut)')
bom = {'fasteners': {}, 'other': {}}
fasteners_bom = bom['fasteners']
other_bom = bom['other']
type_dictionary = {} # for debugging purposes
def add_fastener_to_bom(part):
fastener = part.Label
# Prepare fastener string to be added to BOM
# ISO type with descriptive name
if hasattr(part, 'type'):
if part.type == "ISO4762":
fastener = f"Socket head {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO7380-1":
fastener = f"Button head {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO4026":
fastener = f"Grub {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO4032":
fastener = f"Hex {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO7092":
fastener = f"Small size {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO7093-1":
fastener = f"Big size {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO7089":
fastener = f"Standard size {fastener}"
if part.type == "ISO7090":
fastener = f"Standard size {fastener}"
# Remove numbers at end if they exist (e.g. 'M3-Washer004' becomes 'M3-Washer')
while fastener[-1].isnumeric():
fastener = fastener[:-1]
# Increment fastener qty if it already exists, otherwise set fastener qty to 1
if fastener in fasteners_bom.keys():
fasteners_bom[fastener] += 1
fasteners_bom[fastener] = 1
def add_other_part_to_bom(part):
part_name = part.Label
while part_name[-1].isnumeric() or part_name[-1] == '-':
part_name = part_name[:-1]
if part_name in other_bom.keys():
other_bom[part_name] += 1
other_bom[part_name] = 1
def get_bom_from_freecad_document(assembly: FreeCAD.Document):
parts = []
# Get parts from this document
parts += [x for x in assembly.Objects if x.TypeId.startswith('Part::')]
for part in parts:
# [debugging] Add type to dictionary so we can see which parts we want to add or filter out
type_dictionary[part.Label] = part.TypeId
# If fastener matches, add it to BOM
if fastener_pattern.match(part.Label):
# Recurse through each linked file
for linked_file in assembly.findObjects("App::Link"):
print("# Getting fasteners from", linked_file.Name)
print(f"# Getting fasteners from {target_file}")
# Get assembly object from filepath
cad_assembly =
# Pretty print BOM dictionary
print(json.dumps(bom, indent=4))
with open('bom-fasteners.json', 'w') as file:
file.write(json.dumps(fasteners_bom, indent=4))
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  • Iterate over all all linked documents
  • Only need to reference assembly file now
  • Separated fastener logic into add_fastener_to_bom function
  • Add other parts (non-fasteners) to other_bom
  • add_other_part_to_bom function simply filters numbers out at the end


  • Filter printed objects into a printed_bom dictionary
  • Add static bom for parts not in CAD file (e.g. linear rail fasteners)
  • Add dynamic parts (e.g. add T nuts for each bolt in the frame assembly

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