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opening a new question

  • current system:
    • send a message in an #ask-here channel
    • causes confusion when people "lose" their channel
  • with threads:
    • create a new thread in a #help channel (one of #java-help, #bedrock-help, etc)
    • people won't "lose" their thread because it will appear right below the channel they just typed in
  • potential automation:
    • have users send a message in #help -> bot creates a new thread -> pings asker from within thread

finding a question

  • current system:
    • scan over the list of channels looking for your name
    • or use channel finder/go-to (ctrl+k) and type your name
    • causes confusion if the question has been resolved/recycled
    • helpers need to remember which people/channels they are helping in
  • with threads:
    • look under the #help channel you choose for the thread you're active in
    • helpers can open threads they want to partake in, which adds it to their sidebar
    • threads also support channel finder/go-to (ctrl+k)
    • might cause issues if the thread has been archived, but this is much less of an issue with threads than with channels
    • asker can always search through their own archived threads, much easier than with channels

resolving a question

  • current system:
    • anyone can use the resolve emoji/reaction
  • with threads:
    • asker (or staff) can archive the thread
    • threads get automatically archived after some time
  • potential automation:
    • if the bot creates the threads, then have a reaction/emoji/command to archive the thread
    • have the bot automatically archive threads based on some different or finer-grained criteria than what threads normally offer

reminding a question

  • current system vs with threads would probably work the same (except that threads aren't recycled)

relocating somebody

  • current system:
    • use an emoji, bot pings the person and tells them to read #welcome and find an #ask-here channel
  • with threads:
    • same, but tell them to go to a #help channel instead
  • potential automation:
    • if the bot is already creating threads, consider copying their message into the help-channel and starting a new thread from it all in one go

hub channel

  • lists all active threads along with their asker and status
  • useful for displaying additional custom "metadata" apart from thread titles
  • things like: whether the question is new/old, whether its java vs bedrock, etc
  • whetehr this is useful/worthwhile depends on how well the thread list and thread titles can already display this information
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