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Atavic / Firefox Zero user.js
Last active February 14, 2023 13:05
// Firefox Zero user.js
// rev20210116
// Privacy & Local Storage
user_pref("browser.bookmarks.max_backups", 0); // No bookmarks backup
user_pref("browser.cache.disk.enable", false); // Disable disk cache
user_pref("browser.cache.offline.enable", false); // Disable offline cache
user_pref("browser.messaging-system.whatsNewPanel.enabled", false);
user_pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.userprefs.cfr.addons", false);
user_pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.userprefs.cfr.features", false);
Atavic /
Last active June 3, 2023 14:24
Create Mega Adblock Hostsfile for use with Dnsmasq (Modified from Pi-hole)
# Modified Pi-hole script to generate a generic hosts file
# for use with dnsmasq's addn-hosts configuration
# original :
# Address to send ads to. This could possibily be removed, but may be useful for debugging purposes?
Atavic / Installing Linux-Lite (or Linux-Mint) from the start on Oracle-VirtualBox.txt
Created March 5, 2019 21:46
Installing Linux-Lite (or Linux-Mint) from the start on Oracle-VirtualBox
download linux lite 'linux-lite-4.2-64bit.iso'
create a new machine, based on 'linux 2.6' without creating an hard-drive.
enter settings/storage, remove everything click [OK], enter settings/storage again add IDE-controller click [OK], enter settings/storage again add cdrom (empty) and new hard-disk (60GB) click [OK].
settings/general: set 'shared-clipboard' and 'dragndrop' to 'bidirectional'.
settings/system/processor tab: check ON: 'Enable PAE/NX', select two CPUs.
settings/display/screentab: set RAM to 64MB. set 'Graphics Controller' to: 'VBoxVGA'. check ON: 'Enable 3D Acceleration'.
settings/shared-folders: add 'C:', 'D:', 'E:',... and select auto-mount for-each.
Atavic / 60gb_basic_unix_vm.7z
Created March 5, 2019 21:46
Basic Linux VirtualMachine Ready To Be Imported To VirtualBox, 60GB Hard-Disk (Dynamically Resized) - Only 3KB 7zip Archive!
Atavic /
Created November 18, 2018 13:08 — forked from bagder/
trr prefs


A blog post with more updated info then this has been posted here


All preferences for the DNS-over-HTTPS functionality in Firefox are located under the "network.trr" prefix (TRR == Trusted Recursive Resolver). The support for these are targeted for shipping in release Firefox 62.


set which resolver mode you want.

Atavic /
Last active September 24, 2018 16:06
Raspberry Pi OS Images
Distro Based on Linux Kernel
Alpine Linux 4.14.69
Arch Linux ARM 4.18.9
Devuan GNU+Linux Debian 4.16.12
DietPi Debian 4.12.6
Raspbian Debian Stable 4.14
Fedora 27 Red Hat 4.13.9
Gentoo Linux 4.18.3
Kali Linux Debian Testing 4.17.8
Atavic / user.js
Created May 3, 2018 18:41
user.js fingerprinting hardening no-automatic-connections privacy security tracking
/**** INFO, REPOS **/
/** **/
/** **/
/** **/
/**** CACHE, STARTUP **/
user_pref("app.normandy.enabled", false);
user_pref("app.normandy.api_url", ""); // AUTOCONN
user_pref("app.shield.optoutstudies.enabled", false); // AUTOCONN
user_pref("", false);
user_pref("app.update.enabled", false);
Atavic / gist:c6413717d9c9798e2cd906e68d937361
Created March 11, 2018 22:43
windows 10 connection endpoints
Endpoints for Windows 10 Home
Destination Protocol Description
* HTTP Enables connections to Windows Update.
* HTTP Used by the Verizon Content Delivery Network to perform Windows updates.
* HTTP Used for Windows Update downloads of apps and OS updates.
* HTTP Used by OfficeHub to get the metadata of Office apps.
* TLSv1.2 Enables connections to Windows Update.
* HTTP Used to download content.
* HTTP Used to check for updates to maps that have been downloaded for offline use.