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luminous webextension to block code execution and event collection through JavaScript in your browser

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What is detected?

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WebAPI method intercepted? reported? can be blocked?
EventTarget removeEventListener white_check_mark x x
EventTarget addEventListener white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Battery Status getBattery white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Fetch API fetch white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Gamepad API getGamepads white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Geolocation getCurrentPosition white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Geolocation watchPosition white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
HTTP headers User-Agent white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
NavigatorID userAgent white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Window setInterval white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
Window setTimeout white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
WebSocket send white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
XMLHttpRequest open white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark
XMLHttpRequest send white_check_mark white_check_mark white_check_mark

EventTarget.removeEventListener is not reported because it is only an interception to not break websites because of EventTarget.addEventListener interception.

How is it organized?

All codes intercepted are divided into 3 groups:

Web APIs

Some JavaScripts are reported with a different nomenclature to get closer to the actual written code or to facilitate understanding:

JavaScript reported as example code
(Battery Status).getBattery getBattery navigator.getBattery().then(fn)
(Fetch API).fetch fetch fetch('f.txt').then(fn)
(Gamepad API).getGamepads getGamepads navigator.getGamepads()
Geolocation.getCurrentPosition geo.getCurrentPosition navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(fn)
Geolocation.watchPosition geo.watchPosition navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(fn)
(HTTP headers).User-Agent headers.User-Agent accessed by code on server side
NavigatorID.userAgent NavigatorID.userAgent window.navigator.userAgent
Window.setInterval setInterval setInterval(function() { }, 1000)
Window.setInterval (execution) setInterval(function() { /*call*/ }, 1000)
Window.setTimeout setTimeout setTimeout(function() { }, 1000)
Window.setTimeout (execution) setTimeout(function() { /*call*/ }, 1000)
WebSocket.send WebSocket.send (new WebSocket('ws://host:80')).send('hello') (new XMLHttpRequest()).open('GET', 'f.txt')
XMLHttpRequest.send XMLHttpRequest.send (new XMLHttpRequest()).open('GET', 'f.txt').send()

fn = some callback function, example: var fn = function(response) { console.log(response); }

EventTarget.addEventListener is not reported in this group because we give a different attention to this EventTarget method.


addEventListener is used to report to the website when an event occurs. An event can be literally anything, so we've created a special session to look at the events that each site is trying to look at. Example:

  'keypress', function(event) { console.log('key pressed: ' + event.key); }

Some common examples of events:

event name fired when
beforeunload you close some tab of the browser
copy you copy some text with ctrl+c
keypress you type some text
mousemove you move your mouse pointer
wheel you try to scroll the page

What about the handleEvent group? Consider this code:

some_image.addEventListener('mousemove', function(_event) {
  send_report('the user is moving the mouse over the image');

addEventListener will be reported once, but every time the mouse is moved over the image, send_report will be called, that's what we call handleEvent.

If you block an event in addEventListener, you will never see it in handleEvent because it will never be called, however, to unblock the event you will need to reload the page.

If the event is allowed in addEventListener you will see it every time it is triggered in hanleEvent and you can block/unblock it inside handleEvent without needing to reload the page.


All triggered events that have been added with the EventTarget.addEventListener method.


All events that have been added to be reported with handleEvent.

Automatic settings

Luminous has some categories at automatic settings about the EventTarget.addEventListener events names:


No events.


A predefined list of common events:

  // Resource Events
  'abort', 'beforeunload', 'unload',
  // Focus Events
  'focus', 'blur',
  // Websocket Events
  'open', 'message', 'close',
  // Session History Events
  'pagehide', 'pageshow', 'popstate',
  // Form Events
  'reset', 'submit',
  // Text Composition Events
  'compositionstart', 'compositionupdate', 'compositionend',
  // View Events
  'fullscreenchange', 'fullscreenerror', 'resize', 'scroll',
  // Clipboard Events
  'cut', 'copy', 'paste',
  // Keyboard Events
  'keydown', 'keypress', 'keyup',
  // Mouse Events
  'mouseenter', 'mouseover', 'mousemove', 'mousedown', 'mouseup', 'auxclick',
  'click', 'dblclick', 'contextmenu', 'wheel', 'mouseleave', 'mouseout',
  'select', 'pointerlockchange', 'pointerlockerror',
  // Drag & Drop Events
  'dragstart', 'drag', 'dragend', 'dragenter', 'dragover', 'dragleave', 'drop',
  // Media Events
  'canplay', 'canplaythrough', 'ended', 'play', 'playing', 'pause', 'volumechange',
  // Storage events
  'storage', 'change',
  // Value change events
  'broadcast', 'CheckboxStateChange', 'hashchange', 'input',
  'RadioStateChange', 'readystatechange', 'ValueChange',
  // Gamepad API events
  'gamepadconnected', 'gamepaddisconnected',
  // Uncategorized events
  'localized', 'message', 'open', 'show'

almost all

Some events from the list of common events or an event that follows a rule of not having special characters, example:

  • Valid almost all events: someEvent anotherevent SomeEventB
  • Invalid almost all events: yt-something image:uploaded my_event


Any event.

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