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Dark Souls II and Scholar of the First Sin Cheat Engine Guide



  • Updated links (replaced Cheat Engine Forum links to the Fearless Cheat Engine)
  • Fixed Effect list link.


  • The SoFS table has been updated.
  • Hostility, Class, Infusion, Phantom and Bonfire IDs were moved to an attachment

General Tables

(These tables are only for Cheat Engine 6.6+)

Scholar of the First Sin (

Dark Souls 2 (

Other tables on the CE Forum:

Title Link
Dark souls: PTED
Dark Souls II and SOFS
Dark Souls III

Other Stuff

Title Link
Bullet Parameter IDs (by Zullie)
Child Bullet Parameter IDs
Effect ID's (by Zullie)
Untextured Weapon IDs
Enemy Modelswaps (by Benzoin-Gum)
Modelswap IDs 1
Modelswap IDs 2
Equipped Armor IDs
Item List in the Decimal Format
Light Table Info (by Lightanon)

For Wizards aka Atvaarks corner

Param file structures (Regulation.bnd)
1.0.10 item lore changes (vaati.csv)
1.0.10 string table dump
String table name Link
Hostility, Class, Infusion, Phantom and Bonfire IDs

See: Attachment


Is there a way to change a weapon's damage? Or better said, to edit it?

[ table: General ]

Helpers > Equipped Weapon

Game crashes when I try to use advanced options/find what this adress this code access

  1. Go to Cheat Engine Options > Debugger Options
  2. Set Debugger method to "Use VEH Debugger"


How to change weapon effects?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table.
  2. Enable "Find Bullet / Effect / Move"
  3. Open Memory View
  4. Ctrl + G in the disassembler window and type "geareffects"
  5. Right click on the instruction > Find out what addresses this instruction accesses
  6. Open inventory and highlight any armor piece and you'll get the effect address in your debugger.
  7. Add this address to the table and set whatever effect you want it to have.

How to use untextured weapons online?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table.
  2. Helpers > Equipped Weapons > %Hand% > Equiped Weapon Use dropdown list and select weapon names starts from "Untextured*"

Does anyone know how or where I can get first person mod?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table.
  2. Camera > Force Camera State (Set it to 2).
  3. You might want to adjust FoV for better results (Camera Lock > CamFovY)

Please Help! How to remove hacked +14 Item?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table.
  2. Go to Scripts > "+14 crash protection"
  3. You should be able to remove the +14 weapon from your inventory without crash. If you can't start the game try to enable this script from the main menu.

The game crashing as soon as click on the "Enable..." button"

Make sure that you have the latest Cheat Engine version. The current version of the table requires cheat engine 6.6

Is it possible to view opponent's stats?

Session Info > Current Online Player

Will I get banned for using Cheat Engine?

No. But you can get softbanned for:

  • Editing stats, changing soul memory
  • There have been a few reports that using an “Infinite Items” script can cause it
  • Possessing items with invalid infusions and levels (e.g. +12 Poison Binoculars)
  • Picking up items that you shouldn’t have at your current progression stage (e.g. Gear and items past Shrine of Winter without opening it).

What is a softban?

Softban is essentially an exile into a realm of cheaters: Softbanned players can continue to play, but their online interactions are limited to other softbanned people, a much smaller pool of players than would normally be available.

Do softban affect whole Steam account or just the character?

Steam account.

How long do bans last for?

Softbans are permanent

How do I get out of a soft ban?

You can't. But you can create a new steam account and use Family Sharing

But do not transfer your old save data, because what led to your softban is still in your save file and your new family sharing account will be softbanned too.

What is family sharing limitations?

You may authorize up to 5 account per 90 days.

Can I get softbanned if I get items from a friend?

Rarely, but yes.

Can I get softbanned for for editing stats and spawning items offline?

Your save file will be checked the next time you go online, and you will be flagged and softbanned. So it doesn’t matter.

What about VAC?

Dark Souls 2 doesn't use VAC.

Can game detect dll injections and hooks?

We do not have any evidence that Dark Souls 2 is able to detect a code injection.

How to merge Cheat Engine tables?

If you have a table open in CE, File > Load and select your second table, then choose "yes" when it asks if you want to merge.

How can I remove the name censor (the ***'s in people's names)?

Copy x\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dark Souls II\Game\NGWord\Chinese\win32OnlyNgWord.bin and replace x\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dark Souls II\Game\NGWord\English\win32OnlyNgWord.bin or whatever language you may be using.

The general table is compatible with Windows 8 / 10?


How can i transfer saves?

Updated method from

  • Make a New Game
  • Quit to main menu
  • Press "Start"
  • Wait for it to load main menu
  • Alt+Tab and replace your save
  • Save location: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsII\randomnumber\DARKSII0000.sl2
  • All characters are on one save - make backups
  • Try to continue
  • Receive error
  • Go back to main menu
  • Make a New Game
  • Quit to main menu

How to Backup Dark Souls 2 Save Files?

Video Tutorial

How to Change Sin / Wretch Status?

[ table: General ]

Hero > Player Data

Value Status
0 Not a Sinner
1 Sinner
2 Wretch

How to change Soul Memory?

[ table: General ]

Editing Soul Memory is the fastest way to get sofbanned. But if you still want to do it then: Hero > Player Data Soul Memory

How to change my Attributes?

[ table: General ]

Hero > Attributes

  • Editing your attributes or stats does increase your soul level.

How to change character class?

[ table: General ]

You will need a Soul Vessel for this change to affect your stats.

  1. Open the General table in CE
  2. Go to Hero > Player Data > ArcheType (Class) and you use dropdown list to select desired class

Take a soul vessel to the firekeepers in Things Betwixt, at which point you will see your stats altered to fit your new class on the "Reallocate points" screen.

How to change my character name?

[ table: General ]

Open the General table > Character Name

I'm wondering how many letters can fit in the name?

How do I change the color of my name?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table in CE.
  2. Go to the Character name pointer

To change the color of your name use the following template in the name pointer.

Template: #c[FFFFFF]Knight#c

Where FFFFFF is the RGB Hex Triplet and Knight is your name.

Color Chart:

Color Hex Triplet
Silver #C0C0C0
Gray #808080
Black #000000
Red #FF0000
Maroon #800000
Yellow #FFFF00
Olive #808000
Lime #00FF00
Green #008000
Aqua #00FFFF
Teal #008080
Blue #0000FF
Navy #000080
Fuchsia #FF00FF
Purple #800080

More colors

For example: #c[FF0000]Knight#c will give you a red

How to bypass censor for my own name?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table in CE.
  2. Go to the name pointer and use ALT + 255 in between the letters of whatever gets censored.

Alternative Method

How to Dupe Character?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table in CE.
  2. Save Slot (Profile Index)

  3. Change value to desired slot (starts at 0 for first slot), preferably empty slot below the current one (so if at 0, set to 1).
  4. Quit your current game and load your saves, the dupe should be in the next slot down.
  5. In CE, File > Save (this will let you use this pointer for any character, just load it when you want to use it)

How to change New Game type (+) value?

[ table: General ]

Open the General table in CE > New Game Type (ClearCount)

How to warp to other locations / unlock bonfires?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table in CE.
  2. Use “Last bonfire” pointer on the front page
  3. Select Bonfire you want to warp
  4. Use Homeward Bone or Darksign.
Unlocking bonfires:

Scripts > Unlock All Bonfires

How to change my team type (hostility)?

Hostility status determines who and what can be aggressive towards you, or what you can attack in another person's world. One of the best uses for altered hostility status is to deaggro enemies in your own world. However if you change "Permission flag" you can also do some extra things in other people's worlds (see the list of hostility statuses below).

[ table: General ]

Open the General table in CE > Team Type and use dropdown menu.

How to Extending Torch Life?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General table in CE.
  2. Go to Hero > Player Data > Torch Time

How to backstab teleport other players?

[ table: General ]

Session Info > Current Online Players. %Player% > Other > TP player to self for backstab Or Session Info > Vacuum All Players to Self

How to enable Godmode?

[ table: General ]

Scripts > Unlimited iFrames

How to banish invaders?

[ table: General ]

Go to Scripts > Freeze Effects Enable this script and use your Black separation crystal which would force everyone return back to their worlds.

How to Noclip?

[ table: General ]

If you want to noclip, use the value 18 or 19 in the “Permissions” pointer.

How to create custom spells?

[ table: General ]

Helpers > Bullet Structure Helper

How to change Ring Effects?

[ table: General ]

Helpers > Last Ring Equipped

How to edit effects / change buff duration?

[ table: General ]

Helpers > Effect / Hit Helper.

How to add spells / bullets to my attacks?

[ table: General ]
  1. Open the General Table.
  2. Go to Helpers > Attack Motion Param Helper

How to use "Rest" (bonfire sitting animation)?

[ table: General ]

Go to Hero > Character Flags and set hotkeys for "Rest Animation" flag (right click on the address > set hotkeys):

16 = sit 32 = get up 45 = use last consumable

How to change phantom color?

[ table: General ]

You can stack multiple white ring effects on self / equipment:

Amount Color
1 White
2 MediumBlue
3 Gold
4 Red
5 Glow Red
6 Gray
7 Black
8 Silver
9 Sky Blue
10 Yellow
11 Orchid
12 Orange
13 Steel Blue
14 MidnightBlue
15 MediumPurple
16 Human
17 Human
18 Human
19 Human
20 Transparent
21 Blue Ghost
22 Dark Blue

How to become invisible?

[ table: General ]

05C4E5FA is the NPC invisibility effect. You can apply this effect to any ring via "Last Ring Equipped" script. You can’t apply this effect “on the fly”. You have to reload the map, e.g. warp. Make sure you don't have any effect producing items on (like other rings, armor or weapon with special effect, pyro flame). Otherwise the invisibility effect will not work.

How to change weapon's position (like carrying a greatsword as a longsword)?

[ table: General ]

Helpers > Equipped Weapons > %Hand% - Grip Type - Powerstance

How to backstab people in Jester's / Gower's / Iron Clad?

[ table: General ]

Scripts > Player > Ignore Equipment Effects

How to roll and attack without breaking "Chameleon" camouflage?

[ table: General ]

Scripts > Freeze Effects

How to use healing items in the BoB arena or in other worlds?

[ table: General ]

Scripts > Estus is Always Available

What is Get Summoned as Mirror Squire from Anywhere?

[ table: General ]

You can be summoned by Looking Glass Knight as Mirror Squire from anywhere in Dark Souls 2 world. For example from Iron Keep.

How to change jump length and jump distance?

[ table: General ]

Param Mods > Character Move Param

How to revive or de-aggro npc?

[ table: General ]

World Flags > Npc

Value 00 is Alive / Non-Aggroed. Anything else is Dead / Aggroed. So change values to 00 to Revive / Remove Aggression If you want to revive npc you have to use Bonfire Ascetic or Respawn Monsters / NPC script.

How to Equip Unused Gesture?

[ table: General ]

Hero > Gesture Equip Data

Item IDs

Id Name
03085E00 Smooth & Silky Stone
03087188 Small Smooth & Silky Stone
0308FA40 Soul Of A Giant
03094860 Champion's Tablet
03099680 Soul Vessel
030A32C0 Crushed Eye Orb
030A59D0 Simpleton's Spice
030A80E0 Skeptic's Spice
0393AE10 Lifegem
0393D520 Radiant Lifegem
0393FC30 Old Radiant Lifegem
03940FB8 Elizabeth Mushroom
03942340 Amber Herb
03944A50 Twilight Herb
03947160 Wilted Dusk Herb
03949870 Poison Moss
0394E690 Monastery Charm
03950DA0 Dragon Charm
03952128 Divine Blessing
039534B0 Rouge Water
03955BC0 Crimson Water
0395D4D8 Human Effigy
0395E478 Estus Flask
0395F800 Small Blue Burr
03961F10 Small Yellow Burr
03964620 Small Orange Burr
03966D30 Dark Troches
03969440 Common Fruit
0396BB50 Red Leech Troches
03970970 Triclops Snake Troches
03973080 Aromatic Ooze
03975790 Gold Pine Resin
03977EA0 Charcoal Pine Resin
0397A5B0 Dark Pine Resin
0397CCC0 Rotten Pine Resin
0397F3D0 Bleeding Serum
039841F0 Green Blossom
03986900 Rusted Coin
0398DE30 Homeward Bone
0398F1B8 Aged Feather
03990540 Darksign
03992C50 Silver Talisman
0399B508 Dragon Head Stone
0399B8F0 Dragon Torso Stone
0399C890 Repair Powder
039A16B0 Flame Butterfly
039A64D0 Prism Stone
039AB2F0 Hello Carving
039ADA00 Thank You Carving
039B0110 I'm Sorry Carving
039B2820 Very Good! Carving
039B4F30 Rubbish
039B5318 Petrified Something
039B89C8 Estus Flask Shard
039B8DB0 Sublime Bone Dust
039B9198 Bonfire Ascetic
039B9D50 Alluring Skull
039BA138 llama lover's Talisman
039BB4C0 Pharros' Lockstone
039BB8A8 Fragrant Branch Of Yore
039BBC90 Fire Seed
039BC460 Throwing Knife
039BEB70 Witching Urn
039C1280 Lightning Urn
039C3990 Firebomb
039C4D18 Black Firebomb
039C60A0 Hexing Urn
039C87B0 Poison Throwing Knife
039C9B38 Dung Pie
039CAEC0 Lacerating Knife
039CD5D0 Corrosive Urn
039CFCE0 Holy Water Urn
039D1068 Fading Soul
039D23F0 Soul Of A Lost Undead
039D4B00 Large Soul Of A Lost Undead
039D7210 Soul Of A Nameless Soldier
039D9920 Large Soul Of A Nameless Soldier
039DC030 Soul Of A Proud Knight
039DE740 Large Soul Of A Proud Knight
039E0E50 Soul Of A Brave Warrior
039E3560 Large Soul Of A Brave Warrior
039E5C70 Soul Of A Hero
039E8380 Soul Of A Great Hero
03B20B80 Dried Fingers
03B259A0 Bone Of Order
03B280B0 White Sign Soapstone
03B2A7C0 Small White Sign Soapstone
03B2BB48 Red Sing Soapstone
03B2CED0 Cracked Blue Eye Orb
03B2F5E0 Cracked Red Eye Orb
03B31CF0 Dragon Eye
03B39220 Token Of Fidelity
03B3B930 Token Of Spite
03B3E040 Sunlight Medal
03B40750 Dragon Scale
03B42E60 Rat Tail
03B45570 Awestone
03B47C80 Black Separation Crystal
03B4A390 Seed Of A Tree Of Giants
03B4F1B0 Petrified Egg
03D09000 Soul Of The Pursuer
03D0B710 Soul Of The Last Giant
03D0DE20 Dragonrider Soul
03D10530 Old Dragonslayer Soul
03D12C40 Flexile Sentry Soul
03D15350 Ruin Sentinel Soul
03D17A60 Soul Of The Lost Sinner
03D1A170 Executioner's Chariot Soul
03D1C880 Skeleton Lord's Soul
03D1EF90 Covetous Demon Soul
03D216A0 Mytha, The Baneful Queen Soul
03D23DB0 Smelter Demon Soul
03D264C0 Old Iron King Soul
03D28BD0 Royal Rat Vanguard Soul
03D2B2E0 Soul Of The Rotten
03D2D9F0 Scorpioness Najka Soul
03D30100 Royal Rat Authority Soul
03D32810 Soul Of The Duke's Dear Freja
03D34F20 Looking Glass Knight Soul
03D37630 Demon Of Song Soul
03D39D40 Soul Of Velstad
03D3C450 Soul Of The King
03D3EB60 Guardian Dragon Soul
03D41270 Ancient Dragon Soul
03D43980 Giant Lord Soul
03D46090 Soul Of Nashandra
03D487A0 Throne Defender Soul
03D4AEB0 Throne Watcher Soul
03D4D5C0 Darklurker Soul
03D4FCD0 Belfry Gargoyle Soul
03D523E0 Old Witch Soul
03D54AF0 Old King Soul
03D57200 Old Dead One Soul
03D59910 Old Paledrake Soul
000F4240 Dagger
000F6950 Bandit's Knife
000FDE80 Mytha's Bent Blade
00100590 Shadow Dagger
00102CA0 Thief Dagger
001053B0 Broken Thief Sword
0010C8E0 Parrying Dagger
0010EFF0 Manikin Knife
00113E10 Royal Dirk
00124F80 Broken Straight Sword
00127690 Shortsword
00129DA0 Longsword
0012C4B0 Broadsword
0012EBC0 Foot Soldier Sword
001360F0 Varangian Sword
00138800 Blue Flame
00142440 Heide Knight Sword
00144B50 Red Rust Sword
00149970 Black Dragon Sword
0014C080 Sun Sword
0014E790 Drakekeeper's Sword
00155CC0 Estoc
001583D0 Mail Breaker
0015AAE0 Chaos Rapier
0015D1F0 Spider's Silk
0015F900 Espada Ropera
0016E360 Rapier
00173180 Black Scorpion Stinger
00175890 Ricard's Rapier
00186A00 Falchion
00189110 Shotel
0018B820 Warped Sword
00190640 Manikin Sabre
00192D50 Scimitar
00195460 Red Rust Scimitar
00197B70 Spider Fang
0019A280 Melu Scimitar
0019C990 Monastery Scimitar
0019F0A0 Uchigatana
001A17B0 Washing Pole
001A3EC0 Chaos Blade
001A65D0 Blacksteel Katana
001A8CE0 Manslayer
001ADB00 Darkdrift
001B0210 Berserker Blade
001B7740 Bastard Sword
001B9E50 Flamberge
001BC560 Claymore
001C3A90 Drangleic Sword
001C61A0 Thorned Greatsword
001C88B0 Bluemoon Greatsword
001C8C98 Moonlight Greatsword
001CAFC0 Mastodon Greatsword
001CFDE0 Ruler's Sword
001D24F0 Mirrah Greatsword
001D28D8 Old Mirrah Greatsword
001D4C00 Black Dragon Greatsword
001D7310 Black Knight Greatsword
001D9A20 Royal Greatsword
001DC130 Old Knight Greatsword
001DE840 Defender Greatsword
001E0F50 Watcher Greatsword
001E3660 Key to the Embedded
001E8480 Hand Axe
001EAB90 Battle Axe
001ED2A0 Bandit Axe
001EF9B0 Infantry Axe
001F95F0 Gyrm Axe
001FBD00 Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe
001FE410 Butcher's Knife
00200B20 Silverblack Sickle
002191C0 Crescent Axe
0021B8D0 Greataxe
0021DFE0 Bandit Greataxe
00222E00 Lion Greataxe
00225510 Giant Stone Axe
00227C20 Gyrm Greataxe
0022F150 Black Dragon Greataxe
00231860 Black Knight Greataxe
00233F70 Drakekeeper's Greataxe
00249F00 Club
0024C610 Mace
0024ED20 Morning Star
00251430 Reinforced Club
00253B40 Craftman's Hammer
0025B070 Mace of the Insolent
002625A0 Handmaid's Ladle
002673C0 Blacksmith's Hammer
00269AD0 Black Dragon Warpick
0026C1E0 Aldia Hammer
00271000 Barbed Club
0027AC40 Large Club
0027D350 Pickaxe
0027FA60 Great Club
00282170 Gyrm Great Hammer
002896A0 Iron King Hammer
0028BDB0 Malformed Skull
0028E4C0 Dragon Tooth
00290BD0 Giant Warrior Club
002932E0 Malformed Shell
002959F0 Demon's Great Hammer
00298100 Archdrake Mace
0029A810 Old Knight Hammer
0029CF20 Drakekeeper's Great Hammer
0029F630 Sacred Chime Hammer
002AB980 Spear
002AE090 Winged Spear
002B07A0 Pike
002B2EB0 Partizan
002B55C0 Stone Soldier Spear
002B7CD0 Spitfire Spear
002BA3E0 Silverblack Spear
002BCAF0 Heide Spear
002BF200 Pate's Spear
002C1910 Channeler's Trident
002C2C98 Dragonslayer Spear
002C3080 Gargoyle Bident
002C4020 Heide Lance
002C8E40 Heide Greatlance
002CB550 Grand Lance
002CDC60 Chariot Lance
002DC6C0 Great Scythe
002DEDD0 Great Machete
002E14E0 Full moon Sickle
002E6300 Crescent Sickle
002E8A10 Scythe of Nahr Alma
002EB120 Bone Scythe
002ED830 Scythe of Want
0030D400 Lucerne
0030FB10 Scythe
00312220 Halberd
00317040 Helix Halberd
00319750 Santier's Spear
00319B38 Santier's Spear
0031E570 Mastodon Halberd
00320C80 Blue Knight's Halberd
00323390 Dragonrider's Halberd
00325AA0 Black Knight Halberd
003281B0 Syan's Halberd
0032A8C0 Roaring Halberd
0032CFD0 Old Knight Halberd
0032F6E0 Old Knight Pike
00331DF0 Drakekeeper's Warpick
00340850 Claws
00342F60 Malformed Claws
00345670 Manikin Claws
00347D80 Work Hook
003567E0 Caestus
0036EE80 Whip
00371590 Notched Whip
00373CA0 Bloodied Whip
003763B0 Spotted Whip
0037D8E0 Old Whip
0039FBC0 Sorcerer's Staff
003A22D0 Staff of Amana
003A49E0 Witchtree Branch
003A70F0 Lizard Staff
003ABF10 Olenford's Staff
003AE620 Archdrake Staff
003B0D30 Bat Staff
003B3440 Bone Staff
003B5B50 Staff of Wisdom
003B8260 Sunset Staff
003D3010 Cleric's Sacred Chime
003D5720 Witchtree Bellvine
003D7E30 Priest's Chime
003DA540 Dragon Chime
003DCC50 Chime of Want
003DF360 Archdrake Chime
003E4180 Idol's Chime
003E6890 Caitha's Chime
003E8FA0 Protective Chime
003EB6B0 Disc Chime
003F52F0 Black Witch's Staff
00401640 Short Bow
00403D50 Long Bow
00406460 Composite Bow
00408B70 Sea Bow
0040B280 Dragonrider Bow
004127B0 Bell Keeper Bow
00414EC0 Bow of Want
004175D0 Hunter's Blackbow
00432380 Alonne Greatbow
004371A0 Dragonslayer Greatbow
004630C0 Light Crossbow
004657D0 Heavy Crossbow
0046A5F0 Avelyn
00471B20 Shield Crossbow
004C4B40 Murakumo
004C7250 Arced Sword
004CE780 Curved Dragon Greatsword
004F5880 Zweihander
004F7F90 Greatsword
004FA6A0 Smelter Sword
004FCDB0 Drakewing Ultra Greatsword
004FF4C0 King's Ultra Greatsword
005069F0 Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword
00507D78 Drakekeeper's Ultra Greatsword
00509100 Crypt Blacksword
0050A488 Old Knight Ultra Greatsword
0050B810 Black Knight Ultra Greatsword
0050CB98 Lost Sinner's Sword
00510630 Stone Twinblade
00515450 Dragonrider Twinblade
00517B60 Twinblade
0051A270 Red Iron Twinblade
0051C980 Curved Twinblade
005265C0 Pyromancy Flame
00528CD0 Dark Pyromancy Flame
0053EC60 Black Flamestone Dagger
00541370 Yellow Quartz Longsword
00543A80 Bound Hand Axe
00546190 Homunculus Mace
005488A0 Transgressor's Staff


Id Name
00A7D8C0 Buckler
00A7EC48 Benhart's Parma
00A7FFD0 Small Leather Shield
00A826E0 Iron Parma
00A84DF0 Foot Soldier Shield
00A87500 Target Shield
00A89C10 Golden Falcon Shield
00A8EA30 Manikin Shield
00A91140 Llevellyn Shield
00A93C38 Crimson Parma
00A98670 Cleric's Parma
00A9AD80 Cleric's Small Shield
00A9D490 Magic Shield
00A9FBA0 Cursed Bone Shield
00AA49C0 Varangian Shield
00AAAB68 Watcher's Shield
00AAE600 Large Leather Shield
00AB0D10 Blue Wooden Shield
00AB3420 Silver Eagle Kite Shield
00AB5B30 Drangleic Shield
00AB8240 Lion Clan Shield
00ABA950 Archdrake Shield
00ABD060 King's Shield
00ABF770 Mirrah Shield
00AC1E80 Old Knight's Shield
00AC6CA0 Spirit Tree Shield
00AC93B0 Golden Wing Shield
00ACE1D0 Shield of the Insolent
00AD2FF0 Silverblack Shield
00AD5700 Stone Parma
00AD7E10 Grand Spirit Tree Shield
00ADA520 Moon Butterfly Shield
00ADCC30 Slumbering Dragon Shield
00ADDFB8 Chaos Shield
00ADF340 Wooden Shield
00AE4160 Hollow Soldier Shield
00AE6870 Royal Kite shield
00AEB690 Red Rust Shield
00AF04B0 Bell Keeper Shield
00AF1838 Defender's Shield
00AF2BC0 Black Dragon Shield
00AF3F48 Drakekeeper's Shield
00AF52D0 Porcine Shield
00AF6658 Bone Shield
00AF79E0 Twin Dragon Greatshield
00AFA0F0 Tower Shield
00AFEF10 Orma's Greatshield
00B01620 Reeve's Shield
00B03D30 King's Mirror
00B06440 Dragonrider Greatshield
00B08B50 Mastodon Greatshield
00B0D970 Havel's Greatshield
00B10080 Gyrm Greatshield
00B12790 Pursuer's Greatshield
00B14EA0 Pate's Shield
00B175B0 Old Knight Shield
00B19CC0 Drakekeeper's Greatshield
00B1C3D0 Shield of Glory
00B28720 Phoenix Parma
00B2AE30 Sunlight Parma
00B2D540 Watchdragon Parma
00B2FC50 Blossom Kite Shield
00B32360 Rebel's Greatshield
00B34A70 Wicked Eye Greatshield
00B40DC0 Black Flamestone Parma
00B434D0 Yellow Quartz Shield
00B45BE0 Bound Wooden Shield
00B482F0 Homunculus Wooden Shield
00B4AA00 Transgressor's Leather Shield


Id Name
01D92CD0 Soul Arrow
01D953E0 Grat Soul Arrow
01D97AF0 Heavy Soul Arrow
01D9A200 Great Heavy Soul Arrow
01D9C910 Homing Soul Arrow
01D9F020 Heavy Homing Soul Arrow
01DA1730 Homing Soulmass
01DA3E40 Homing Crystal Soulmass
01DA6550 Soul Spear
01DA8C60 Crystal Soul Spear
01DAB370 Shockwave
01DADA80 Soul Spear Barrage
01DB0190 Soul Shower
01DB28A0 Soul Greatsword
01DB4FB0 Soul Vortex
01DB76C0 Soul Bolt
01DB9DD0 Soul Geyser
01DBC4E0 Magic Weapon
01DBEBF0 Great Magic Weapon
01DC1300 Crystal Magic Weapon
01DC3A10 Strong Magic Shield
01DC6120 Yearn
01DC8830 Hush
01DCAF40 Fall Control
01DCD650 Hidden Weapon
01DCFD60 Repair
01DD2470 Cast Light
01DD4B80 Chameleon
01DD7290 Unleash Magic
01E86F10 Heal
01E89620 Med Heal
01E8BD30 Great Heal Excerpt
01E8E440 Great Heal
01E90B50 Soothing Sunlight
01E93260 Replenishment
01E95970 Resplendent Life
01E98080 Bountiful Sunlight
01E9A790 Caressing Prayer
01E9CEA0 Force
01E9F5B0 Wrath Of The Gods
01EA1CC0 Emit Force
01EA43D0 Heavenly Thunder
01EA6AE0 Lightning Spear
01EA91F0 Great Lightning Spear
01EAB900 Sunlight Spear
01EAE010 Soul Appease
01EB0720 Blinding Bolt
01EB2E30 Magic Barrier
01EB5540 Great Magic Barrier
01EB7C50 Homeward
01EBA360 Guidance
01EBCA70 Sacred Oath
01EBF180 Unveil
01EC1890 Perseverance
01EC3FA0 Sunlight Blade
01F7B150 Fireball
01F7D860 Fire Orb
01F7FF70 Great Fireball
01F82680 Great Chaos Fireball
01F84D90 Firestorm
01F874A0 Fire Tempest
01F89BB0 Chaos Storm
01F8C2C0 Combustion
01F8E9D0 Great Combustion
01F910E0 Fire Whip
01F937F0 Poison Mist
01F95F00 Toxic Mist
01F98610 Acid Surge
01F9AD20 Lingering Flame
01F9D430 Flame Swathe
01F9FB40 Forbidden Sun
01FA2250 Flame Weapon
01FA4960 Flash Sweat
01FA7070 Iron Flesh
01FA9780 Warmth
01FABE90 Immolation
0206F390 Dark Orb
02071AA0 Dark Hail
020741B0 Dark Fog
020768C0 Affinity
02078FD0 Dead Again
0207B6E0 Dark Weapon
0207DDF0 Whisper Of Despair
02080500 Repel
02082C10 Twisted Barricade
02085320 Numbness
021635D0 Scraps Of Life
02165CE0 Darkstorm
021683F0 Resonant Soul
0216AB00 Great Resonant Soul
0216D210 Climax
0216F920 Resonant Flesh
02172030 Resonant Weapon
02174740 Lifedrain Patch
02176E50 Profound Still


Id Name
01474D75 Barrel
014096B4 Pate's Helm
014096B5 Pate's Armor
014096B6 Pate's Gloves
014096B7 Pate's Trousers
0140BDC4 Thief Mask
0140BDC5 Black Leather Armor
0140BDC6 Black Leather Gloves
0140BDC7 Black Leather Boots
0140E4D4 Wanderer Hood
0140E4D5 Wanderer Coat
0140E4D6 Wanderer Manchettes
0140E4D7 Wanderer Boots
01410BE4 Hunter's Hat
01410BE5 Leather Armor
01410BE6 Leather Gloves
01410BE7 Leather Boots
014132F4 Knight Helm
014132F5 Knight Armor
014132F6 Knight Gauntlets
014132F7 Knight Leggings
01415A04 Elite Knight Helm
01415A05 Elite Knight Armor
01415A06 Elite Knight Gloves
01415A07 Elite Knight Leggings
01418114 Tattered Cloth Hood
01418115 Tattered Cloth Robe
01418116 Tattered Cloth Manchettes
01418117 Heavy Boots
0141A824 Brigand Hood
0141A825 Brigand Armor
0141A826 Brigand Gauntlets
0141A827 Brigand Trousers
0141F644 Imported Hood
0141F645 Imported Tunic
0141F646 Imported Manchettes
0141F647 Imported Trousers
01429284 Traveling Merchant Hat
01429285 Traveling Merchant Coat
01429286 Traveling Merchant Gloves
01429287 Traveling Merchant Boots
0142E0A4 Havel's Helm
0142E0A5 Havel's Armor
0142E0A6 Havel's Gauntlets
0142E0A7 Havel's Leggings
0143A3F4 Jester's Cap
0143A3F5 Jester's Robe
0143A3F6 Jester's Gloves
0143A3F7 Jester Tights
0143F214 Moon Hat
0143F215 Astrologist's Robe
0143F216 Astrologist's Gauntlets
0143F217 Astrologist's Bottoms
014551A4 Faraam Helm
014551A5 Faraam Armor
014551A6 Faraam Gauntlets
014551A7 Faraam Boots
014578B4 Black Dragon Helm
014578B5 Black Dragon Armor
014578B6 Black Dragon Gauntlets
014578B7 Black Dragon Leggings
01459FC4 Xanthous Crown
01459FC5 Xanthous Overcoat
01459FC6 Xanthous Gloves
01459FC7 Xanthous Waistcloth
0145C6D4 Mask Of Judgement
0145C6D5 Robe Of Judgement
0145C6D6 Manchettes Of Judgment
0145C6D7 Tights Of Judgement
0145EDE4 Helm Of Aurous
0145EDE5 Armor Of Aurous
0145EDE6 Gauntlets Of Aurous
0145EDE7 Leggings Of Aurous
0145F1CC Helm Of Aurous
0145F1CD Armour Of Aurous
0145F1CE Gauntlets Of Aurous
0145F1CF Leggings Of Aurous
014614F4 Monastery Headcloth
014614F5 Monastery Longshirt
014614F6 Monastery Long Gloves
014614F7 Monastery Skirt
01466314 Dingy Hood
01466315 Dingy Robe
01466316 Dingy Cuffs
01466317 Blood-stained Skirt
0146FF54 Durgo's Hat
01472666 Engraved Gauntlets
01477487 Flying Feline Boots
01479B94 Moon Butterfly Hat
01479B95 Moon Butterfly Wings
01479B96 Moon Butterfly Cuffs
01479B97 Moon Butterfly Skirt
0147C2A4 Catarina Helm
0147C2A5 Catarina Armor
0147C2A6 Catarina Gauntlets
0147C2A7 Catarina Leggings
0147E9B4 Alva Helm
0147E9B5 Alva Armor
0147E9B6 Alva Gauntlets
0147E9B7 Alva Leggings
014810C4 Black Witch Veil
014810C5 Black Witch Robe
014810C6 Black Witch Gloves
014810C7 Black Witch Trousers
014814AC Black Witch Hat
01481894 Black Witch Domino Mask
015003EC Royal Soldier Helm
015003ED Royal Soldier Armor
015003EE Royal Soldier Gauntlets
015003EF Royal Soldier Leggings
01502714 Hollow Infantry Helm
01502715 Hollow Infantry Armor
01502716 Hollow Infantry Gloves
01502717 Hollow Infantry Boots
01502AFC Infantry Helm
01502AFD Infantry Armor
01502AFE Infantry Gloves
01502AFF Infantry Boots
01509C44 White Priest Headpiece
01509C45 White Priest Robe
01509C46 White Priest Gloves
01509C47 White Priest Skirt
0150A414 Priestess Headpiece
0150A415 Priestess Robe
0150A416 Priestess Gloves
0150A417 Priestess Skirt
0150EA64 Rogue Hood
0150EA65 Rogue Armor
0150EA66 Rogue Gauntlets
0150EA67 Rogue Leggings
01515F94 Spiked Bandit Helm
01515F95 Bandit Armor
01515F96 Bandit Gauntlets
01515F97 Bandit Boots
0151ADB4 Varangian Helm
0151ADB5 Varangian Armor
0151ADB6 Varangian Cuffs
0151ADB7 Varangian Leggings
01527104 Black Hollow Mage Hood
01527105 Black Hollow Mage Robe
015278D4 White Hollow Mage Hood
015278D5 White Hollow Mage Robe
01529815 Lion Mage Robe
01529816 Lion Mage Cuffs
01529817 Lion Mage Skirt
01530D44 Steel Helm
01530D45 Steel Armor
01530D46 Steel Gauntlets
01530D47 Steel Leggings
01533454 Shadow Mask
01533455 Shadow Top
01533456 Shadow Gauntlets
01533457 Shadow Leggings
01535B64 Manikin Mask
01535B65 Manikin Top
01535B66 Manikin Gloves
01535B67 Manikin Boots
0153D094 Prisoner's Hood
0153D095 Prisoner's Tatters
0153D096 Prisoner's Gloves
0153D097 Prisoner's Waistcloth
0153D47C Prisoner's Hood
0153D47D Prisoner's Tatters
01546CD4 Archdrake Helm
01546CD5 Archdrake Robes
01546CD6 Archdrake Gloves
01546CD7 Archdrake Boots
0154E204 Gyrm Helm
0154E205 Gyrm Armor
0154E206 Gyrm Gloves
0154E207 Gyrm Boots
01550914 Gyrm Warrior Helm
01550915 Gyrm Warrior Armor
01550916 Gyrm Warrior Gloves
01550917 Gyrm Warrior Boots
01550CFC Gyrm Warrior Greathelm
01553024 Dark Mask
01553025 Dark Armor
01553026 Dark Gauntlets
01553027 Dark Leggings
01555734 Warlock Mask
0156B6C4 Tseldora Cap
0156B6C5 Tseldora Robe
0156B6C6 Tseldora Manchettes
0156B6C7 Tseldora Trousers
015704E4 Peasant Hat
015704E5 Peasant Attire
015704E6 Peasant Long Gloves
015704E7 Peasant Trousers
01577A14 Ironclad Helm
01577A15 Ironclad Armor
01577A16 Ironclad Gauntlets
01577A17 Ironclad Leggings
015781E4 Old Ironclad Helm
015781E5 Old Ironclad Armor
015781E6 Old Ironclad Gauntlets
015781E7 Old Ironclad Leggings
0157A124 Royal Swordsman Helm
0157A125 Royal Swordsman Armor
0157A126 Royal Swordsman Gloves
0157A127 Royal Swordsman Leggings
0157C834 Syan's Helm
0157C835 Syan's Armor
0157C836 Syan's Gloves
0157C837 Syan's Leggings
0157EF44 Bone Crown
0157EF45 Bone King Robe
0157EF46 Bone King Cuffs
0157EF47 Bone King Skirt
015F1B34 Heide Knight Greathelm
015F1B35 Heide Knight Chainmail
015F1B36 Heide Knight Gauntlets
015F1B37 Heide Knight Leggings
015F1F1C Heide Knight Iron Mask
015F9065 Singer's Dress
015FB774 Smelter Demon Helm
015FB775 Smelter Demon Armor
015FB776 Smelter Demon Gauntlets
015FB777 Smelter Demon Leggings
015FDE84 Alonne Captain Helm
015FDE85 Alonne Captain Armor
015FE26C Alonne Knight Helm
015FE26D Alone Knight Armor
015FE26E Alonne Knight Gauntlets
015FE26F Alonne Knight Leggings
01600594 Vengarl's Helm
01600595 Vengarl's Armor
01600596 Vengarl's Gloves
01600597 Vengarl's Boots
01602CA5 Lion Warrior Cape
01602CA6 Lion Warrior Cuffs
01602CA7 Lion Warrior Skirt
0160308C Lion Warrior Helm
0160308D Red Lion Warrior Cape
0160C8E4 Grave Warden Mask
0160C8E5 Grave Warden Top
0160C8E6 Grave Warden Cuffs
0160C8E7 Grave Warden Bottoms
0160EFF4 Falconer Helm
0160EFF5 Falconer Armor
0160EFF6 Falconer Gloves
0160EFF7 Falconer Boots
01611704 Rusted Mastodon Helm
01611705 Rusted Mastodon Armor
01611706 Rusted Mastodon Gauntlets
01611707 Rusted Mastodon Leggings
01613E14 Mastodon Helm
01613E15 Mastodon Armor
01613E16 Mastodon Gauntlets
01613E17 Mastodon Leggings
01616524 Desert Sorceress Hood
01616525 Desert Sorceress Top
01616526 Desert Sorceress Gloves
01616527 Desert Sorceress Skirt
01618C34 Dragon Acolyte Mask
01618C35 Dragon Acolyte Robe
01618C36 Dragon Acolyte Gloves
01618C37 Dragon Acolyte Boots
0161901C Dragon Sage Hood
0162C4B4 Ruin Helm
0162C4B5 Ruin Armor
0162C4B6 Ruin Gauntlets
0162C4B7 Ruin Leggings
01638804 Old Knight Helm
01638805 Old Knight Armor
01638806 Old Knight Gauntlets
01638807 Old Knight Leggings
0163AF14 Drakekeeper Helm
0163AF15 Drakekeeper Armor
0163AF16 Drakekeeper Gauntlets
0163AF17 Drakekeeper Boots
0163D624 Throne Defender Helm
0163D625 Throne Defender Armor
0163D626 Throne Defender Gauntlets
0163D627 Throne Defender Leggings
0163FD34 Velstadt's Helm
0163FD35 Velstadt's Armor
0163FD36 Velstadt's Gauntlets
0163FD37 Velstadt's Leggings
01642444 Throne Watcher Helm
01642445 Throne Watcher Armor
01642446 Throne Watcher Gauntlets
01642447 Throne Watcher Leggings
017E14E4 Looking Glass Mask
017E14E5 Looking Glass Armor
017E14E6 Looking Glass Gauntlets
017E14E7 Looking Glass Leggings
017E6305 Agdayne's Black Robe
017E6306 Agdayne's Cuffs
017E6307 Agdayne's Kilt
017ED834 Leydia Black Hood
017ED835 Leydia Black Robe
017EFF44 Insolent Helm
017EFF45 Insolent Armor
017EFF46 Insolent Gloves
017EFF47 Insolent Boots
017F2654 Imperious Helm
017F2655 Imperious Armor
017F2656 Imperious Gloves
017F2657 Imperious Leggings
017F4D64 Leydia White Hood
017F4D65 Leydia White Robe
017F4D66 Leydia Gauntlets
017F7474 King's Crown
017F7475 King's Armor
017F7476 King's Gauntlets
017F7477 King's Leggings
018E4184 Dragonrider Helm
018E4185 Dragonrider Armor
018E4186 Dragonrider Gauntlets
018E4187 Dragonrider Leggings
018F7A04 Executioner Helm
018F7A05 Executioner Armor
018F7A06 Executioner Gauntlets
018F7A07 Executioner Leggings
0190B284 Penal Mask
0190B285 Penal Straight Jacket
0190B286 Penal Handcuffs
0190B287 Penal Skirt
019F3175 Llewellyn Armor
019F3176 Llewellyn Gloves
019F3177 Llewellyn Shoes
019FA6A4 Drangleic Helm
019FA6A5 Drangleic Mail
019FA6A6 Drangleic Gauntlets
019FA6A7 Drangleic Leggings
01A265C4 Creighton's Steel Mask
01A265C5 Creighton's Chainmail
01A265C6 Creighton's Chain Gloves
01A265C7 Creighton's Chain Leggings
01A28CD4 Benhart's Knight Helm
01A28CD5 Benhart's Armor
01A28CD6 Benhart's Gauntlets
01A28CD7 Benhart's Boots
01A2B3E4 Standard Helm
01A2B3E5 Hard Leather Armor
01A2B3E6 Hard Leather Gauntlets
01A2B3E7 Hard Leather Boots
01A3C554 Cale's Helm
01A3C555 Cale's Leather Armor
01A3C557 Cale's Shoes
01A3EC64 Lucatiel's Mask
01A3EC65 Lucatiel's Vest
01A3EC66 Lucatiel's Gloves
01A3EC67 Lucatiel's Trousers
01A41374 Bell Keeper Helmet
01A41375 Bell Keeper Bellyband
01A41376 Bell Keeper Cuffs
01A41377 Bell Keeper Trousers
01A46194 Mad Warrior Mask
01A46195 Mad Warrior Armor
01A46196 Mad Warrior Gauntlets
01A46197 Mad Warrior Leggings
01A65D64 Black Hood
01A65D65 Black Robes
01A65D66 Black Gloves
01A65D67 Black Boots
01A68474 Saint's Hood
01A68475 Saint's Dress
01A68476 Saint's Long Gloves
01A68477 Saint's Trousers
01A6AB84 Hexer's Hood Head
01A6AB85 Hexer's Robe Chest
01A6AB86 Hexer's Gloves Hands
01A6AB87 Hexer's Boots Legs
01A6D294 Chaos Hood
01A6D295 Chaos Robe
01A6D296 Chaos Gloves
01A6D297 Chaos Boots
01A8A754 Nahr Alma Hood
01A8A755 Nahr Alma Robes
01AA7C14 Targray's Helm
01AA7C15 Targray's Armor
01AA7C16 Targray's Manifers
01AA7C17 Targray's Leggings


Id Name
02628110 Life Ring
02628111 Life Ring+1
02628112 Life Ring+2
0262A820 Cloranthy Ring
0262A821 Cloranthy Ring+1
0262A822 Cloranthy Ring+2
0262CF30 Royal Soldier's Ring
0262CF31 Royal Soldier's Ring+1
0262CF32 Royal Soldier's Ring+2
0262F640 First Dragon Ring
0262F641 Second Dragon Ring
0262F642 Third Dragon Ring
02631D50 Ring Of Steel Protection
02631D51 Ring Of Steel Protection+1
02631D52 Ring Of Steel Protection+2
02634460 Spell Quartz Ring
02634461 Spell Quartz Ring+1
02634462 Spell Quartz Ring+2
02636B70 Flame Quartz Ring
02636B71 Flame Quartz Ring+1
02636B72 Flame Quartz Ring+2
02639280 Thunder Quartz Ring
02639281 Thunder Quartz Ring+1
02639282 Thunder Quartz Ring+2
0263B990 Dark Quartz Ring
0263B991 Dark Quartz Ring+1
0263B992 Dark Quartz Ring+2
0263E0A0 Poisonbite Ring
026407B0 Bloodbite Ring
02642EC0 Bracing Knuckle Ring
02642EC1 Bracing Knuckle Ring+1
02642EC2 Bracing Knuckle Ring+2
026455D0 Cursebite Ring
02646958 Ash Knuckle Ring
02647CE0 Dispelling Ring
0264A3F0 Ring Of Resistance
0264CB00 Ring Of Blades
0264CB01 Ring Of Blades+1
0264CB02 Ring Of Blades+2
02658E50 Ring Of Knowledge
0265B560 Ring Of Prayer
0265DC70 Stone Ring
026651A0 Red Tearstone Ring
02669FC0 Blue Tearstone Ring
0266C6D0 Ring Of Giants
0266C6D1 Ring Of Giants+1
0266C6D2 Ring Of Giants+2
0266DA58 Old Leo Ring
0266EDE0 Ring Of Soul Protection
026714F0 Ring Of Life Protection
02673C00 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
02673C01 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+1
02673C02 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+2
02676310 Clear Bluestone Ring
02676311 Clear Bluestone Ring+1
02676312 Clear Bluestone Ring+2
02678A20 Northern Ritual Band
02678A21 Northern Ritual Band+1
02678A22 Northern Ritual Band+2
0267B130 Southern Ritual Band
0267B131 Southern Ritual Band+1
0267B132 Southern Ritual Band+2
0267D840 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
0267D841 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1
0267D842 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+2
0267FF50 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
0267FF51 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+1
0267FF52 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+2
02684D70 Ring Of The Evil Eye
02684D71 Ring Of The Evil Eye+1
02684D72 Ring Of The Evil Eye+2
02687480 Ring Of Restoration
02689B90 Ring Of Binding
0268C2A0 Silvercat Ring
0268E9B0 Redeye Ring
026910C0 Gower's Ring Of Protection
026937D0 Name-engraved Ring
02695EE0 Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
026985F0 Hawk Ring
0269AD00 Old Sun Ring
0269FB20 Illusory Ring Of A Conqueror
026A2230 King's Ring
026A4940 Ring Of The Dead
026A7050 Ring Of Thorns
026A7051 Ring Of Thorns+1
026A7052 Ring Of Thorns+2
026A9760 Delicate String
026ABE70 White Ring
026BA8D0 Ring Of Whisper
026BCFE0 Illusory Ring Of The Exalted
026D0860 Crest Of The Rat
026D2F70 Bell Keeper's Seal
026D5680 Guardian Seal
026D7D90 Crest Of Blood
026DA4A0 Blue Seal
026DCBB0 Abyss Seal
026DF2C0 Vanquisher's Seal
026E19D0 Sun Seal
026E40E0 Ancient Dragon Seal
0280DE80 Agape Ring


Id Name
039F1FC0 Wood arrow
039F46D0 Iron arrow
039F6DE0 Magic arrow
039F94F0 Lightning arrow
039FBC00 Fire arrow
039FE310 Dark arrow
03A00A20 Poison arrow
03A03130 Lacerating arrow
03A07F50 Iron greatarrow
03A0CD70 Lightning greatarrow
03A0F480 Fire greatarrow
03A142A0 Destrctive greatarrow
03A169B0 Wood bolt
03A190C0 Heavy bolt
03A1B7D0 Magic bolt
03A1DEE0 Lightning bolt
03A205F0 Fire bolt
03A22D00 Dark bolt

Smithing Items

Id Name
039BBC90 Fire Seed
03A25410 Titanite Shard
03A26798 Large Titanite Shard
03A27B20 Titanite Chunk
03A2A230 Titanite Slab
03A2C940 Twinkling Titanite
03A33E70 Petrified Dragon Bone
03A3B3A0 Faintstone
03A3DAB0 Boltstone
03A401C0 Firedrake Stone
03A428D0 Darknight Stone
03A44FE0 Poison Stone
03A476F0 Bleed Stone
03A4C510 Raw Stone
03A4EC20 Magic Stone
03A51330 Old Mundane Stone
03A53A40 Palestone


Id Name
03041840 Soldier Key
03043F50 Key To King Passage
03072580 Bastille Key
03074C90 Iron Key
030773A0 Forgotten Key
03079AB0 Brightstone Key
0307C1C0 Antiquated Key
0307E8D0 Fang Key
03080FE0 House Key
030836F0 Lenigrast's Key
03088510 Rotunda Lockstone
0308AC20 Giant's Kinship
0308D330 Ashen Mist Heart
03092150 Tseldora Den Key
03096F70 Ladder Miniature
0309BD90 Undead Lockaway Key
030A0BB0 Dull Ember
030AA7F0 Aldia Key

DLC Item IDs

Id Name
00474230 Sanctum Crossbow
00476940 Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
001312D0 Puzzling Stone Sword
001E5D70 Drakeblood Greatsword
002A1D40 Sanctum Mace
00AA22B0 Sanctum Shield
002B9058 Yorgh's Spear
00336C10 Wrathful Axe
00150EA0 Ashen Warrior Sword
004398B0 Possessed Armor Greatbow
001339E0 Possessed Armor Sword
002D2A80 Smelter Hammer
001BEC70 Majestic Greatsword
001BF058 Majestic Greatsword
00116520 Blue Dagger
00118C30 Umbral Dagger
003BA970 Pilgrim's Spontoon
0013AF10 Fume Sword
00501BD0 Fume Ultra Greatsword
001B5030 Bewitched Alonne Sword
003EDDC0 Chime of Screams
01499764 Drakeblood Helm
01499765 Drakeblood Armor
01499766 Drakeblood Gauntlets
01499767 Drakeblood Leggings
0196A5F4 Sanctum Knight Helm
0196A5F5 Sanctum Knight Armor
0196A5F6 Sanctum Knight Gauntlets
0196A5F7 Sanctum Knight Leggings
014AF6F7 Flower Skirt
0196CD06 Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet
01976944 Sanctum Priestess Tiara
014A5AB4 Crown of the Sunken King
01948314 Fume Sorcerer Mask
01948315 Fume Sorcerer Robes
01948316 Fume Sorcerer Gloves
01948317 Fume Sorcerer Boots
01982C94 Raime's Helm
01982C95 Raime's Armor
01982C96 Raime's Gauntlets
01982C97 Raime's Leggings
0198EFE4 Alonne's Helm
0198EFE5 Alonne's Armor
0198EFE6 Alonne's Gauntlets
0198EFE7 Alonne's Leggings
014B1E04 Minotaur Helm
014AA8D4 Hollow Skin
014ACFE4 Pharros Mask
014A0C94 Crown of the Old Iron King
027322E0 Flynn's Ring
02739810 Yorgh's Ring
0272FBD0 Baneful Bird Ring
02719C40 Simpleton's Ring
02723880 Sorcery Clutch Ring
0271C350 Strength Ring
0271EA60 Dexterity Ring
02647CE1 Dispelling Ring +1
02636B73 Flame Quartz Ring +3
02634463 Spell Quartz Ring +3
02628113 Life Ring +3
020B6060 Dark Greatsword
01DDC0B0 Focus Souls
01ECDBE0 Denial
021AA2A0 Promised Walk of Peace
020B8770 Recollection
01FC1E20 Fire Snake
01FC4530 Dance of Fire
0011B340 Retainers Short Sword
001535B0 Ivory Straight Sword
00181BE0 Ice Rapier
0018DF30 Eleum Loyce
001E70F8 Loyce Greatsword
001E74E0 Charred Loyce Greatsword
002D0370 Rampart Golem Lance
0035DD10 Bone Fist
003BF790 Azal's Staff
003C1EA0 Retainer Staff
0043BFC0 Twin-Headed Greatbow
004D0E90 Curved Nil Greatsword
004FBA28 Aged Smelter Sword
00502F58 Ivory King Ultra Greatsword
0051F090 Sorcerer's Twinblade
00AC4590 Loyce Shield
00AC5918 Chared Loyce Shield
00ACBAC0 Vessel Shield
00AECA18 Rampart Golem Shield
014B4514 Symbol of Avarice
0195BB94 Rampart Golem Helm
01A3F04C Mirrah Hat
014A81C4 Old Bell Helm
0149BE74 Northwarder Hood
0149BE75 Northwarder Robe
0149BE76 Northwarder Manchettes
0149BE77 Northwarder Trousers
0195BB95 Rampart Golem Armor
0195BB96 Rampart Golem Gauntlets
0195BB97 Rampart Golem Leggings
01987AB5 Retainer Robe
019A2864 Loyce Helm
019A2865 Loyce Armor
019A2866 Loyce Gauntlets
019A2867 Loyce Leggings
019A4F74 Charred Loyce Helm
019A4F75 Charred Loyce Armor
019A4F76 Charred Loyce Gauntlets
019A4F77 Charred Loyce Leggings
014A33A4 Crown of the Ivory King
019A7684 Ivory King Helm
019A7685 Ivory King Armor
019A7686 Ivory King Gauntlets
019A7687 Ivory King Leggings
02721170 Ivory Warrior Ring
027286A0 Fire Clutch Ring
0272ADB0 Dark Clutch Ring
027349F0 Ring of the Embedded
02737100 Ring of the Living
03D87F40 Soul of Aava, the King's Pet
03D8F470 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle
03D969A0 Soul of the Ivory King
03D990B0 Soul of Zallen, the King's Pet
03D9B7C0 Loyce Soul
03D9DED0 Soul of Lud, the King's Pet
01DD99A0 Soul Flash
01ED02F0 Splintering Lightning Spear
021AC9B0 Dark Dance

Recolored Items

Id Name
00557300 Cyan-colored Longsword
00559A10 Black-colored Murakumo
0055C120 White-colored Blacksteel Katana
0055E830 Black-colored Rapier
00560F40 Gold-colored Greataxe
00563650 Blood-stained Great Club
00565D60 Blood-stained Caestus

Scholar of the First Sin Items

Id Name
019B12C4 Forlorn Helm
019B12C5 Forlorn Armor
019B12C6 Forlorn Gauntlets
019B12C7 Forlorn Leggings
001E78C8 Greatsword of the Forlorn
002EFF40 Scythe of the Forlorn


  • Zanzer for general help with everything
  • Duckcrow original author of the old DS2 CE pastebin (RIP 2014 - 2014)
  • All-Bones Jones for Bullet table and Editing Starting Classes
  • Zullie for ring helper, effect helper, dragon torso stone, chameleon hack and other cool stuff
  • FflsudJmjlo for equipped weapon data, movesets, attack motion param helper and other stuff
  • Santa for stuff.
  • VividGrim for releasing his DS2 table with cool shit.
  • Atvaark for dumps, hosting this guide and other stuff
  • eur0pa for Heihachi moveset
  • Haizan for monstervac, SoFS stuff and help with the table
  • mgr.inz.Player for Item IDs and item Swap script for the original Dark Souls 2 (32)

Yo Phokz thanks for all the joys of pc gaming you brought to me man :D On my main acc i got soft banned so i was screwing around with allot of the stuff, a buddy of mine jumped onto the same boat and we were messing around with the bullet editor only to find its like... 95% server side and you can only edit the amount of projectiles that fly out, would this change at all if i was the person being invaded instead of the other way round or somethin

Any SotFS Mule yet?


ghost commented May 25, 2015

GitBearded, no. You will be softbanned if you use a mule on PC.

How do they catch it? I've never heard of anyone being bunned for Mules.

I used Mules allll the time in Ds2 and was never bunned.

No ive been bunned before and emailed From Soft server team. Reasons they gave for possible ban was editing SM, Using Infinite items hack, or SL that didnt match SM. I used mules since the day it was released and never had an issue.

Using a mule and using all your Souls at once is another way to get bunned because once connected to the servers, they have a time stamp on that character, so when you go from SM:0 to 1m in a matter of minutes, shits obviously fishy.


ghost commented May 28, 2015

You were lucky, yea. A lot people got banned for using mega mule on PC and PS3.
There is no way to contact to FromSoftware. I assume you've talked to the Bamco support. They don't know shit about softbans.

Can you write a code for NPC auto parry to change it to Player auto parry so I can replace it in CT? grazie...


ghost commented May 30, 2015

As I already said, it's not possible.

You said that it is not possible to kill NPC, you need force mobs to attack them. But I found the way which can kill them without mobs. If you turn on the script "rewrite online phantom status" in the other location, and then cross trigger which load data for next location, then you can kill NPC at there. For example: if you turn on the script in forest of gigants, teleport to the stone passage between forest and majula, teleport there other player (there is trigger), then you can kill all NPC in majula just hits them (with this script you will see all NPC, including Shanalotte, Maughlin etc) . Similarly you can kill all NPC in any location.


ghost commented May 30, 2015

@MephistoXX Thank you for the information. Are you sure that you are not killing your own npc with this method?

Yes I'm sure, I tested this with a friend in him world.

xiang94 commented May 30, 2015

While infinite items script is enabled, if you use any arrow, the game will crash. Could you fix it please? :)

I'm using steam version up to date, and your last cheat table.


ghost commented May 30, 2015

@xiang94 Sorry. I fixed the script for you. Here is the fixed download:

xiang94 commented May 30, 2015

Thanks to you! Works flawlessly! :D

xiang94 commented May 30, 2015

Ehy AlexWTF, do you think it might be possible to change the parry frame of shields with the weapon structure? I'd like to change it back to how it was on the previous soul game...


ghost commented May 31, 2015

@xiang94, First off, I've never played the first one and probably never will. So I don't know exactly what you want. Second: This is not how it works. You can't just make changes on your end and expect other players to follow them. Perhaps there is a way, but I don't know anything about it.

xiang94 commented May 31, 2015

Oh wait, if it works clientside it's perfect! It's mostly a PVE thing. Well if you never played the first one to make it short parry frames were a lot early on the animation than how they are here.

Anyway if it is possible to change the parry frames of shields, i can change them by myself how it was. I didn't mean that you should have done it.

rovelius commented Jun 3, 2015

I tried reading MephistoXX's contribution about how to kill NPCs in other worlds but I couldn't for the life of translate it for my mind. This is completely incomprehensible to me. Can anyone simplify and translate his method? I'm bored and feeling like trying something out.

Hello, thanks for making these scripts! Really brings a lot of fun for messing around in PvE. I've been using these game-changing tables from the CE forums for a while now.

Except, when I tried to download this latest table, it seems that all my browsers think it doesn't exist. I click open, and I get the typical "Does not exist". I click "Save Target As", and the file couldn't be downloaded. This happens with anything that includes the pomf domain; anything else on the forums I can easily get.

It's kind of goofy that my problem is very basic and has nothing to do with the table itself, but it stinks that I can't download it. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Is there a way to use the NPC bullet on Dark Souls 2 ( vanilla ) ?


ghost commented Jun 9, 2015

Yes, you can use it in the same way as player bullets, but they are not visible online. And as far I know there is no way to change it.

I met people transparent ( phantom apparence ) ( thinking they used npc bullet ) is a way to make visible the appearance ?


ghost commented Jun 10, 2015

Read the FAQ above.

But it is only visible to the players or ( clientside ) ?


ghost commented Jun 10, 2015

I don't really understand what are you saying. Bullets and effects are different things.

The copycat script does not work in windows 8. (SotFS)

The hotkeys for the sitting animation, stand up animation and last item do not work. Could someone please help?


ghost commented Jul 8, 2015

@ EnabledDuckZ

  1. Open the table
  2. Go to Players - Flags - Sitting Animation
  3. Right Click on the Address - Set / Change Hotkeys.

Alright, I'll try tomorrow, since it's very late where I live. Thank you for the reply, I mean it.

It works, thank you, but I wonder why it didn't work before.

TKGP commented Jul 11, 2015

The second link to the DX9 general table is named dx11.ct and doesn't work, so I assume that's not supposed to be there.
The first link works, but there appears to be no item swap anywhere.


ghost commented Jul 11, 2015

@TKGP get it from the CE forums then.

TKGP commented Jul 11, 2015

All the general table links there are dead or deprecated, but I did find a standalone item swap table that works. Thank you.

Anyone know how to get the structure tabs (i.e move structure, item structure) to work in the sotfs version?

This is probably a really stupid question and If i over looked it being answered somewhere I apologize, but can you get banned for editing your character's appearance and name through CE as you did when making a new character?

@lordpolaris I'm sure as long as you edit everything within the limit you shouldn't get flagged, i think the name limit is -correct me if i'm wrong- 16

On another note, has anyone found any cool tricks to do with the table? because i found a way to do some pretty crazy things but im sure they are all client-side ( I found a way to make projectiles fly in the shape of an orb )

Anyone got a way to bypass the family share limit x_x i dont wunna wait 3 months

Quick question. I'm trying to force myself as a white phantom when I invade. Not the DkS kind where they couldn't damage you and you could kill them, but I want to be able to co-op darklurker at like NG+7. Main problem is I always seem to invade as a red phantom for them but white for me when toggling hostility, meaning I can kill enemies, but they can still hurt me and I get sent home when they use the fog gate. This will also mean the last fog gate in a given chasm won't dissipate because the grey phantom (me) must die first... Any suggestions? Does my friend have to use the table as well to toggle my state as an invader from his end?

Also, one more question. Is this table capable of spawning enemies? I would very much like to be able to have some epic boss fights that me and my friends can do co-opped... Like Raime and Velstadt both at the same time in the Mirror Knight arena or something.

imagay commented Oct 7, 2015

So i need help i set my name over the character limit and no matter what i do my my game crashes upon loading in that character, wether or not my name is changed to a shorter length and it is

can someone help me with the phantom color thing it doesn't seem to work with white ring on. or off. everything else works fine qq.

There a way to change the currency of Souls Obtained by killing an enemy ?

Really nice CE Table. Is there a pointer for items value? I can´t find one, but I would like to increase the amount of some items.
One more question, how do I know which changes are temporary and which will be saved online? I Would like to increase damage of my weapon temporary, don´t want a softban.

How do i change white ring colour?

BladcuD commented Jan 20, 2016

Use few White ring effects:
1 for white
2 for blue
3 for sunbro's colour
4 for red

most videos are private :/


ghost commented Feb 22, 2016

Hi there, I don't know if you are still replying but I got some questions.

  • Could you unprivate, some videos?
  • My replenishment (phantom color) doesn't work, how do I fix this?
  • How do I move camera, (for some reason I can't move it with numpad yet I can do bonfire animation and spam consumable) ?
  • How do you reset ALL the changes you made to your account/characters? Like a clean slate.

Thanks for answering and taking you time to read! 👍



ghost commented Feb 27, 2016

Here to report a glitch that the transmit bcc effect makes you fat roll/ weigh more and turns of all effect rings ex. Ring of the living, and white ring.

alvinopf commented Apr 4, 2016

I never used CE before and I'm having some trouble trying to change the new game value from my save...
My game is on NG+ and I'm trying to change to the original to play the DLCs...
That's what I'm doing:
I execute the game and open my save file. Then, I execute one of the general tables and open dark souls II process from there. Now I activate the "Enable" option and the "NG State" option, changing it's value from NG+ to NG after that. Then I get back to the game and die on purpose so things have effect (and I can confirm it worked because some red guys which appear only in NG+ aren't there anymore). After that, I save my game and I can re-load my save and everything is working fine. BUT, if I deactivate things on CE or close the program, my game gets back to NG+. If I close the program, the game crashes when I die on purpose, or try to re-load my save or close the game...
What can I do to make the new game value change permanently? Is there a way to do it manually? Or is it a client-side effect?
Can someone help me?

JuanmaWL commented May 1, 2016

How do I move camera? I can't move it with numpad :/

Hello, most of the videos listed here are private, is there any way for me to see them?


ghost commented May 4, 2016

@JuanmaWL SoFS table doesn't have camera hotkeys. You have to manually set them.

Monsta9 commented May 8, 2016

I downloaded and enabled that cheat table. I have 2 NPCs dead, dont ask why and I want to revive them. I have all options listed but I dont have "World" Tab to access NPC Aggro and NPC revive. Am I missing something? I am on windows 10, using Cheat Engine 6.4 Thanks


ghost commented May 12, 2016

DS2 table doesn't have world flags.

ZoanChrome commented May 14, 2016

A stupid problem here
Problem: [After replacing all adress ( after loading the CT), player can't move] =fixed >> Don't Replace Animation address in advanced options, also missing ADP in table (on purpose or not?)

If I'm doing it wrong, sorry, I'll look for it thoroughly

Greetings! I'm using the newest version of the Table on SotFS, and I'm trying to change my characters moveset. I can't find the options that the video tutorial show, so I tried downloading some of the tables labeled "moveset," but the links appear to be broken. Any other links to the files?


ghost commented Sep 23, 2016

How to use Effect Helper to increase buff duration? Lets say Resins or Brightbug.


ghost commented Oct 6, 2016

Set it to FF.

week6withoutsallary commented Nov 8, 2016

hello! is there a way to increase ugs running 2hr1 - golf swing - kick height?
althought it may be an option to transpose this move values from a prepatched ds version, don't know really

mehblahwhatever commented Nov 23, 2016

I accidentally put in c#[FFFFFF]namec# instead of #c[FFFFFF]name#c, and this crashed my game. Now it isn't even letting me go into the load menu without crashing. (I suspect this is because it doesn't know how to display what I gave it).

Does anyone know how to delete a single character from a save file without deleting all of the characters?

Alternatively, is there any way that I could salvage this character?

Edit: So, there wasn't any way to salvage that character, but I was able to salvage the rest of my characters on that save file.
Translate the name of your character in question into hex, and then put a null character (00) in between each character.
On the main menu, after it has finished loading the save, but before you hit "Load," do a scan for the name of your character using the translated name (Value type: Array of byte). You should find two values. Edit both of those values to the same "legal" name.
At this point, you can hit "Load."
Actually loading up a character at this point will still crash the game, but you can safely delete the character that has a corrupting name.
Once they are deleted, your save file should be safe and usable as before.

Metalcape commented Mar 1, 2017

As you probably noticed there was a DDoS attack against Cheat Engine forum 2 days ago, and all cheat tables are currently unavailable (threads have been deleted). Could anyone re-upload them? I have one for SotFS but I'm not sure if it's the one mentioned here. Also, some of the links in the "other stuff" table are dead.

anjolly commented Mar 9, 2017

I have one of the SotFS tables, but I can't tell you which exactly (probably the general table). It isn't the most recent according to the Dec 23rd 2016 update, but it is at least as recent as July 3rd 2016 when I downloaded it. Everything appears to still work as expected.

Metalcape commented Mar 9, 2017

Thanks, this table has a lot of stuff, much more than the one I have! Even if it's not updated, it's still something. The table I have is this one: It's only 200 kB, I think it was from a thread on cheat engine forum.

OK I just found another one, it's here:
Is this the updated one?

anjolly commented Mar 10, 2017

I couldn't say exactly as I didn't verify all the fields between the two, but it appears to be exactly the same except a few addresses at the bottom (that don't do anything by themselves.. not sure what their purpose was/is). Of course, I'm not sure what the update from 12/23 contained as I never downloaded it.

After using that table a bit, I was encountering some slight issues that ended up crashing my game, so it might not be as stable as the one I posted. Could have been coincidental, though.

yong24k commented Mar 13, 2017

what kind of address do i should to put on "address to use in move structure",
when i wanna to change moveset and add bullet on my attacks? not happend when i using address in moveset helper.
plz help me.

jarraxas commented Mar 18, 2017

Why can't i see other players when summoned into another world? It usually happens when i change subsequent bullets fired, or changed any effect... also can't see summoned players or invaders, but strangely when i change something while another player is present, summoned or i'm summoned, from that point onward i can see everyone every time as long as i don't restart the game

Does anyone know how to change character appearance using this? Preferably taking the appearance of one character and pasting it to another

I've been using the table a bit, now I'm trying to use the effect helper to permanently infuse my weapon with a resin effect, I'm following the steps in this page but when I press ctrl+G and then type "geareffects" it doesn't find anything. What should I do?

anjolly commented Mar 21, 2017

@SgtMcBiscuits From what I can tell, you can't change anything under Player -> Character Model -> Model -> Advanced Settings but other things such as hair color can be changed. If anyone knows of a way to edit these let me know.

Metalcape commented Mar 22, 2017

About my last message: I figured it out, I'll leave it here in case someone needs an explanation (effects are a bit confusing).
You have to click on Advanced options on the bottom-left corner of the window, it will show up a list of addresses. Double click on "Get Effects" and it will open the debugger on a certain assembly line, right click that line and select "Find out what addresses this instruction accesses". Now a small window will open where new addresses will be added as soon as that instruction changes them. Now open your inventory and every time you highlight a weapon, a new address should appear. Copy the address corresponding to the weapon you're interested in and add it to the address list. Now, changing the value of that address will change the effect on that weapon. To find out the effect ID, activate it in-game and look at the value of the field "Last Inflicted Effect", that's the ID of the last effect you activated (for example Gold Pine Resin should be 60250000). If you want to remove the effect, just change it to 0. Too bad we have to find out all IDs again since the link to the list on this page is dead.

I've made a fork and updated latest table links.

Is there anyway to enable god mode but still be able to get hit, basically still go trough an animation like i was hit.

if i use the engine offline and never go online, will i still get banned?

kukar3x commented Aug 5, 2017

Hello guys!

Does anybody know a way to play with friends Dark Souls 2 by LAN or using tools like tunngle or hamachi?
Or is there exist a way to return back dagger's critical power?
Because for some reason daggers have been nerfed to crap and doing like 800 damage on riposte.

how does one stack white ring effects to get different colors?

This cheat table works, however it is completely bug, when I go in the scripts and I use Monster & NPC and RESPAWN ALL it reappears the supervisors of the throne, suddenly I find myself against the supervisors of the throne AND Nashandra, as you say that fighting is impossible, help me please.

I want to fight Nashandra without those two puppets I already kill.

i have a problem with the Helpers, whenever i try to change Bullet struct > Bullet creation properties all i see is question marks '??' how do i fix this?

Please, we need help

Oy give me an answer !!!!!!

Met the guy on iron bridge. Was saying that he is author of this table.(saltiest man alive, not very surprising, if he is indeed author).
I use cheat table for a very long time, got soft banned many times so here's some of my observations. (Which made implied author very a n g e r y)
Things that got me softbanned 100% - spawning items (online), changing name (online), getting connected to cheater who used some kind of scripts (presumably unlimited items), using unlimited items NOT on cheat engine but on trainer.
Things that this guide says will get you softbanned, but i did not, because was doing it offline. (To enter offline i dissconect from wi-fi, and wait until massage pops out that i went into offline mod) - spawning/swaping ALL sorts of items/spells. Changing soul memory (did it twice in span of one week), changing name.

P.S. This are just my observations. Past year or two (i usually play with big pauses, around half year), i didnt get banned a single time after doing all things above offline, but i get soft banned from time to time because i connect to cheater with active sripts. Guy didn't believe me, thought i am making everything up, on what i said "ok" and parted ways with him. He added me again, said that i dont have to be "mad bobz" or something. If you are really author and you are reading this, i don't think saying "i made this" or "i play more then you" makes you know everything. All i now i got from my experience. If it differs with yours, and you don't have any legit proof of me being wrong or anything like that, don't go harassing people.
If you want to cooperate and make an experiment to improve your guide (or prove that it is right), contact me. I will sacrifice my time, even if it will get me softbanned.
Sorry if this comment violites any rules. I was on crusade to understand softban for a long time, that's why it is kinda personal. ^_^

Is there a way to lower your soul memory to less than what it currently is, then add back to it without getting soft banned? I did the math and it turns out I've lost roughly 250k-300k souls one time stupidly losing 100k souls in one go. I'd like to get them back if possible.

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