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Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions - MOVED TO

We did it! We broke ;) So head over to the new home! Thank you all!
2021.10.20: now open for interaction

Not just an Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper script with ingenious support for business editions,
A powerful yet simple windows 10 / 11 deployment automation tool as well!

discuss on MDL

2018.10.10: reinstated 1809 [RS5]! using native xml patching for products.xml; fixed syntax bug with exit/b
2018.10.12: added data loss warning for RS5
2018.11.13: RS5 is officially back! + greatly improved choices dialog - feel free to use the small snippet in your own scripts
2019.05.22: 1903 [19H1]
2019.07.11: 1903 __release_svc_refresh__ and enable DynamicUpdate by default to grab latest CU
2019.09.29: UPDATED 19H1 build 18362.356 ; RS5 build 17763.379 and show build number
            added LATEST MCT choice to dinamically download the current version (all others have hard-coded links)
2019.11.16: 19H2 18363.418 as default choice (updated hard-coded links)
2020.02.29: 19H2 18363.592
2020.05.28: 2004 19041.264 first release
2020.10.29: 20H2 and aniversary script refactoring to support all MCT versions from 1507 to 20H2!!!
2020.10.30: hotfix utf-8, enterprise on 1909+
2020.11.01: fix remove unsupported options in older versions code breaking when path has spaces.. pff
2020.11.14: generate latest links for 1909,2004; all xml editing now in one go; resolved known cannot run script issues
2020.11.15: one-time clear of cached MCT, as script generates proper 1.0 catalog for 1507,1511,1703 since last update
            fixed compatibility with naked windows 7 powershell 2.0 / IPv6 / optional import $OEM$ / 1803+ business typo
            updated executables links for 1903 and 2004
2020.11.17: parse first commandline parameter as version, example: MediaCreationTool.bat 1909
2020.12.01: attempt to fix reported issues with 1703; no other changes (skipping 19042.630 leaked esd because it is broken)
2020.12.11: 20H2 19042.631; fixed pesky 1703 decryption bug on dual x86 + x64; improved cleanup; label includes version
2021.03.20: pre-release 21H1; optional auto upgrade or create media presets importing $OEM$ folder and key as PID.txt
2021.05.23: 21H1 release; enhanced script name args parsing, upgrade from embedded, auto.cmd / PID.txt / $OEM$ import
2021.06.06: create iso directly; enhanced dialogs; args from script name or commandline; refactoring is complete!
2021.08.04: done fiddling
2021.09.03: 21H2, both 10 and 11 [unreleased]
2021.09.25: Windows 11
            with Skip TPM Check on media boot as well as on dynamic update (standalone toggle script available)
            final touches for improved script reliability; enhanced auto upgrade preset; win 7 powershell 2.0 compatible
2021.09.30: fix Auto Setup preset not launching.. automatically
2021.10.04: fix for long standing tr localization quirks; Skip TPM Check v2 (ifeo-based instead of wmi)
2021.10.05: 11 22000.194 Release (rofl W11 MCT has limited capabilities, so still using 21H1 MCT because it works fine)
2021.10.09: outstanding refactoring around Windows 11 MCT; minimize while waiting MCT; unified 7 - 11 appearence
            We broke ;) Script has a new home now: 
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Boomnoot commented Mar 3, 2024

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newtoq commented Apr 21, 2024 (1607) is no longer available. Anyone got a mirror?

Products_20170116 - Copy cab
here it is from save as .cab

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