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Nabil Redmann BananaAcid

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  1. RaspberryPi OS

  2. PPI (connect screen and keyboad)

    • login: pi:raspberry
    • sudo raspi-config
      • WLAN ?
        • set it up.
BananaAcid / getOutput.mjs
Last active May 17, 2021
get process output / async JS
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* Get output and exitcode from a command
* @author Nabil Redmann <>
* @license ISC
* import getOutput from './getOutput.mjs';
* let {out, code} = getOutput('ls', ['-l', '*.txt']);
import { spawn } from 'child_process';
BananaAcid /
Last active Jan 22, 2021
Web-Starter Package on VSCode für Mediengestalter

This is a living-document... immer wenn Änderungen nötig werden, werde ich dies hier updaten.

1. Installieren (Kommandozeile)

win:VSCode (per Win+R und eingeben: cmd )

\>  bitsadmin /transfer vscode /download /priority normal "" "%temp%\vscode.latest.exe" &&  %temp%\vscode.latest.exe /SILENT /NORESTART /MERGETASKS=!runcode
BananaAcid / web.config
Last active Jan 2, 2021
contao/iis web.config
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- HTTPS !!
<rule name="Redirect to https" stopProcessing="true">
BananaAcid / .gitignore
Created Mar 14, 2020
Pack up a project and some couchdb docs
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BananaAcid / local-redis-check.ps1
Created Jan 23, 2020
Check if a local redis server is up and running (no redis-cli for
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tnc -port 6379
View SimplestHttpFileServer.cs
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Net;
namespace SimplestHttpFileServer
class Program
BananaAcid / asyncWrappers.pug
Last active Dec 22, 2019
Promise/Callback fn wrappers for then-pug (which is generators based)
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//- will only work with the `npm install then-pug` module instead of default `pug`
//- passed in locals are: sendmail (node module), insp which is require('util').inspect, and just passed in Promise
// for functions having the second param as callback (e.g. nodejs fs.readFile)
function syncifyCb(fn) {
return function* (param1) {
let result = null;
yield function* () {
BananaAcid /
Last active Jul 18, 2019
payment services
BananaAcid / .gitignore
Last active Mar 14, 2020
compress a folder with 7z using a gitignore list
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