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mackwage / windows_hardening.cmd
Last active Jan 27, 2023
Script to perform some hardening of Windows OS
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:: Windows 10 Hardening Script
:: This is based mostly on my own personal research and testing. My objective is to secure/harden Windows 10 as much as possible while not impacting usability at all. (Think being able to run on this computer's of family members so secure them but not increase the chances of them having to call you to troubleshoot something related to it later on). References for virtually all settings can be found at the bottom. Just before the references section, you will always find several security settings commented out as they could lead to compatibility issues in common consumer setups but they're worth considering.
:: Obligatory 'views are my own'. :)
:: Thank you @jaredhaight for the Win Firewall config recommendations!
:: Thank you @ricardojba for the DLL Safe Order Search reg key!
:: Thank you @jessicaknotts for the help on testing Exploit Guard configs and checking privacy settings!
:: Best script I've found for Debloating Windows 10:
jhaddix / all.txt
Last active Jan 28, 2023
all wordlists from every dns enumeration tool... ever. Please excuse the lewd entries =/
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
wongwaituck / samba-vuln-cve-2017-7494.nse
Last active Jun 8, 2017
NSE script for CVE-2017-7494
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local smb = require "smb"
local string = require "string"
local vulns = require "vulns"
local stdnse = require "stdnse"
local table = require "table"
local nmap = require "nmap"
description = [[
Checks if target machines are vulnerable to the arbitrary shared library load
vulnerability CVE-2017-7494.
achillesrasquinha /
Last active Sep 4, 2018
A python script to update all your pip packages
NC='\033[0m' # No Color
# This script assumes you've already taken the necessary initial steps to setup network connectivity and install vmware tools
# You probably want at least open-vm-tools-desktop to copy and paste this script and/or the URL to wget it.
echo -e "${YEL}--${NC}Starting script, installing commonly used programs"
echo "-------------------------------"
echo " Current Version Info Follows: "
echo "-------------------------------"
lsb_release -i
lsb_release -r
lsb_release -d
lsb_release -c
printf "Kernal Version: ";uname -r
Wack0 / gist:bda47c2bfadfb68d73ea
Created Jul 29, 2015
Cards against Security: list of all cards
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Database: heroku_1ed5a148e6d9415
Table: black_cards
[16 entries]
| id | content |
| 1 | _____ means never having to say you're sorry. |
| 2 | The pen tester found _____ in the trash while dumpster diving. |
| 3 | Our CIO has a framed a picture of _____. |
| 4 | 9 out of 10 experts agree, _____ will increase your security effectiveness. |
touilleMan /
Last active Jan 20, 2023 — forked from UniIsland/
Simple Python Http Server with Upload - Python3 version
#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Simple HTTP Server With Upload.
This module builds on BaseHTTPServer by implementing the standard GET
and HEAD requests in a fairly straightforward manner.
brunobraga / pingi
Created Nov 1, 2013
A simple script wrapping ping for better output on issues (host unreachable or timeout).
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# File: pingi
# Purpose: Ping Improved. Actually just handles better the timeout/unreachable.
# Author: BRAGA, Bruno <>
# Copyright: