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Created November 13, 2023 13:33
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Example AYON / OpenPype PreLaunchHook to insert Ayon's FFMPEG to PATH environment variable on launch of applications
import os
from openpype.lib.applications import PreLaunchHook, LaunchTypes
from openpype.lib.vendor_bin_utils import get_ffmpeg_tool_path
class AddFFMPEGToPath(PreLaunchHook):
"""Insert Ayon FFMPEG in `PATH`"""
# Should be as last hook because must change launch arguments to string
app_groups = {"*"}
platforms = {"*"}
launch_types = {LaunchTypes.local}
def execute(self):
path = self.launch_context.env.get("PATH")
ffmpeg = get_ffmpeg_tool_path()
ffmpeg_bin = os.path.dirname(ffmpeg)
if path:
path = os.pathsep.join([ffmpeg_bin, path])
path = ffmpeg_bin
self.launch_context.env["PATH"] = path
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BigRoy commented Nov 13, 2023

Based on AYON discord discussion here

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