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import threading
import time
import bpy
import serial
import re
import sys
arduino = serial.Serial('COM4', 115200, timeout=.1)
class RotateCubeThread (threading.Thread):
View L3G4200D.ino
// This is a simple program for testing the STMicroelectrics 3-axis gyroscope sold by Parallax.
// If you are new to the sensor you'll find all you need here. Just rip out what you don't want to save RAM.
// If you are using an Arduino Uno R3 like me, connect the SCL line to pin A5. Connect the SDA line to pin A4.
// I don't know anything about the other boards. I'm new to Arduino.
// The sample code at Parallax is incorrect in a couple of places. This code follows the application notes from STM. In
API = "enter octoprint api key"
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
import json
import requests
headers = {'X-Api-Key': API,"Content-Type":"application/json"}