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Thinking statuses are useless for GitHub

Chris BrainBlasted

Thinking statuses are useless for GitHub
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Compiling libdazzle-sys v0.1.0 (/home/chris/Projects/libdazzle-rs/libdazzle-sys)
' Building [====================================================> ] 48/51: libdazzle-sys(
error[E0204]: the trait `Copy` may not be implemented for this type
--> libdazzle-sys/src/
168 | #[derive(Copy, Clone)]
| ^^^^
169 | pub struct DzlApplicationWindowClass {
170 | pub parent_class: gtk::GtkApplicationWindowClass,
| ------------------------------------------------ this field does not implement `Copy`
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Last active Sep 9, 2018
Gets the amount of followers/follows a Pleroma user has
# Gets the amount of followers a Pleroma user has.
# Also works to get the amount the user follows.
import json
import requests
import sys
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Last active Dec 27, 2017
My .zshrc sans some configuration
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source /usr/share/zsh/share/antigen.zsh
# Environment variables
export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nvim
export PATH=$PATH:"$HOME/bin"
export PATH=$PATH:"$HOME/.gem/ruby/2.4.0/bin"
export PATH=$PATH:"$HOME/.cargo/bin"
# Aliases
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