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We are creating an application to track the maintenance of rides at amusement parks. We will be tracking the following:

  • Amusement Parks have a name and admission price
  • Mechanics have a name and years of experience
  • Rides have a name and thrill rating (1-10)
  • Amusement parks have many rides
  • rides belong to an amusement park
  • rides can have many mechanics working on it


When you have completed this challenge, submit by creating a Pull Request back to the turingschool-examples repo. Include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • A reflection on how you felt you did with this challenge and what story you got through


  • TDD all new work; any model METHODS you write must be fully tested.

BE Mod 2 Repeat Intermission Work

For your Intermission work for this upcoming repeat of Mod 2, we expect that you do #1, #4 and #5 of the Required Intermission Work below. Yes, it is the same thing that you had done at the beginning of this past mod, but we believe it would be good practice for you to work on SQL and the Task Manager one more time. When you're done with the required intermission work, follow submission in the link below.

Required Intermission Work

Below are some optional practices for you, broken up by what they are reviewing:

Video Lessons to review



Create a branch off of your Sweater Weather project called final_assessment. As you work, you should commit to this branch every 15 minutes


You will build an endpoint that will retrieve food and forecast information for a destination city.

Your endpoint should follow this format:


Part 1: Solo Research (10 minutes)

Research the following questions:

  1. What is Abstraction?
  2. What is Encapsulation?

Part 2: Group Chart Paper (20 minutes)

As a group, create a chart paper with the following:


Rails Engine Peer Review


  1. Create a new gist. This is where you'll complete your peer evaluation and eventually share with your partner.
  2. Follow the instructions in the "Peer Review" section on the Rails Engine project page. Record your answers to each question in your gist.
  3. Score your partner's project using the Project Rubric. Record it in your gist.
  4. Share your gist with your partner and go through it with them, either in person or via Slack call.



Pizza Shop

  • What happens the first time we make a pizza?
  • What happens the second time we make that same pizza?
  • What happens if we request a different pizza type?
  • What happens if we make a new pizza shop?
  • What happens if we change the underlying technique of making a pizza?

Caching in Rails


Technical Interview Practice Assignment

You have three options for this assignment. Each one will cover a datastructure you will most likely encounter at some point in your technical interviews.

  1. A Perilous Journey
    • Linked Lists
    • You may have seen them from the B3 intermission work
  2. Date Night
    • Binary Search Trees
  3. Complete Me

Problem Set 1

As a merchant admin When I visit my dashboard, I see an area with statistics:

  1. top 5 items I have sold by quantity, and the quantity of each that I've sold. Only items on "shipped" orders should be considered sold.
  2. top 3 states where my items were shipped, and their quantities.
  3. top 3 city/state where my items were shipped, and their quantities (Springfield, MI should not be grouped with Springfield, CO)
  4. List of all of my items that have an average rating of 4 or greater that were never ordered by one of my employees.
  5. top 3 users who have spent the most money on my items, and the total amount they've spent.
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