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--- /Users/xbxs250/Projects/template-me-nextjs/skeleton/package-lock.json
+++ /Users/xbxs250/Projects/zzz-lock-test/package-lock.json
@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
- "name": "template-me-nextjs",
+ "name": "zzz-lock-test",
"version": "0.3.0",
"lockfileVersion": 2,
"requires": true,
"packages": {
BriceShatzer / Search my
Created January 21, 2022 18:41 — forked from santisbon/Search my
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Hey, I'm Brice. I'm 33 and live & work in Chicago as a software engineer. I'm originally from a small town in Iowa, went to college in Wisconsin, and eventually ended up making my way into the city.

In my spare time you can find me wandering around the river/lakefront aimlessly listening to podcasts, reading stuff, trying to stay active (soccer, flag football, & table tennis in the before times 😷 ), or sifting through the generally absurd amount of browser tabs I always have open.

Here's some recent photos of me at younger brother's wedding a couple of months ago:

// - Write an example of a test case to make sure it works
// You have a set of expensive javascript asynchronous tasks to run, e.g. you need to make 10,000 ajax requests.
// You need a function that takes a set of tasks, and a concurrency limit (e.g. "5 tasks at a time") and runs the tasks until all are complete
// - Design the interface for this function, accounting for ease of use, reusability, error handling, and testing
// - Implement out the function
// - Write an example of a test case to make sure it works
// - What would you do to make it production ready if you had a week to work on it?
<source lang="html5">
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Foo Bar Baz Qux</title>
<form id="form1" >
<input type="text" name="" value="abc" />

Suppose you're given a binary tree represented as an array. For example, [3,6,2,9,-1,10] represents the following binary tree (where -1 is a non-existent node):

enter image description here

Write a function that determines whether the left or right branch of the tree is larger. The size of each branch is the sum of the node values. The function should return the string "Right" if the right side is larger and "Left" if the left side is larger. If the tree has 0 nodes or if the size of the branches are equal, return the empty string.

Example Input:


Example Output:

<blockquote class="tiktok-embed" cite="" data-video-id="6781864386463108357" style="max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;">
<section> <a target="_blank" title="@jalopnik_" href="">@jalopnik_</a>
<p>David Tracy and Kristen Lee found a phone number in a <a title="junkyard" target="_blank" href="">#junkyard</a> <a title="pontiac" target="_blank" href="">#Pontiac</a> #Aztec. So they called it. Watch the full <a title="video" target="_blank" href="">#video</a> on <a title="cars" target="_blank" href="">#cars</a> <a title="prank" target="_blank" href="">#prank</a></p> <a target="_blank" title="♬ original sound - jalopnik_" href="">♬ original sound - jalopnik_</a>


Using the existing curation endpoint, we can save/load a CustomHeader item that will be used to store the attributes that can be consumed at page render to create the desired customized header look.

The CustomHeader item could look something like this:

    "itemType": "CustomHeader",
    "itemData": {
        "backgroud": {