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Developing with Nix (Nodejs, Haskell, Python, PHP, Emscripten) #nix #nixpkgs #nixos #python

Developing with Nix

This has been moved to the Matrix AI blog:

Note that if you just to compile a simple C program, and you don't want to fiddle with environments:

nix-shell --packages stdenv

That's enough to enter an environment with stdenv.

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danbst commented Oct 22, 2017

I've read only the Python section. You may want to add


to shellhook, because otherwise pip can fail with Zip error (NixOS/nixpkgs@6f1551d)

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CMCDragonkai commented Oct 22, 2017

@danbst Doesn't that link say to set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to an actual date somewhere?

Also I haven't finished this gist.

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CMCDragonkai commented Mar 20, 2018

@danbst You are right. You do need unset SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the shellHook for Python packages.

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vakili commented Mar 29, 2019

Blogpost url has changed to

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