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Danylo Hlynskyi danbst

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danbst / home-etc.nix
Created Dec 27, 2019
Manage your /etc from home-manager (install home-manager as root)
View home-etc.nix
{ config, pkgs, lib, ... }: {
imports = [
(import <nixpkgs/nixos/modules/system/etc/etc.nix>)
]; = lib.mkOption { type = lib.types.package; };
options.system.activationScripts.etc =
lib.mkOption { type = lib.types.unspecified; };
config = {

Okay, I've got a need to build Firefox from source, and I'd like to do that on a remote machine, and then copy build result back to my laptop. With Nix, using bastion host. I'll note details of my successful adventure.

Setup & Sources of knowledge

Here's the list of resources I've used actively:

Here's my setup:

danbst / README.adoc
Created Sep 5, 2019
Pure Nix Minecraft launcher. For every MC version!
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Pure Nix Minecraft launchers

  1. Download .nix file

  2. Run:

    $ nix run -f all-minecrafts.nix versions.v1_8_9.client -c minecraft
  3. Enjoy (…​power of fixed-output derivations)!

View asciidoc.adoc

Hey let’s start a list:

  1. Yeah, all good.

    a bit of code.
    Oh wow, it is indented compared to markdown!

    A bit of text. Wow, it is indeted as well!

danbst /
Last active Jun 19, 2019
[Linux] [Firefox] Open link in browser, which is in current workspace

I use separate Firefox profiles for work and personal stuff. To distinguish those I place them on different workspaces.

  • Workspace 0: firefox --no-remote -P MyJob
  • Workspace 1: firefox --no-remote -P default

I have also company Slack on Workspace 0. Which usually contains links to some work stuff.

The problem

danbst / uuid-bloom.sql
Created Apr 27, 2019
Postgresql UUID Bloom index support (best for UUIDv4) (
View uuid-bloom.sql
create extension "uuid-ossp";
create extension bloom;
CREATE or replace FUNCTION hashuuid(u uuid) RETURNS integer AS $$
a bytea := uuid_send(u);
RETURN (get_byte(a, 3) << 24) + (get_byte(a, 2) << 16) + (get_byte(a, 1) << 8) + get_byte(a, 0);
danbst / background-script.js
Created Mar 30, 2019
Firefox extension, which tracks time spent in Facebook and tells it to you INSTANTLY.
View background-script.js
timeSpent = 0;
timeStarts = 0
browser.tabs.onActivated.addListener((activeInfo) => {
{timeSpent: timeSpent}
).then(response => {
timeStarts = (new Date).getTime();
}).catch(error => {
View submodule-with-parent-config.nix
sub = { config, lib, parentConfig, ...}: { = lib.mkOption {
type = lib.types.bool;
default =;
in { config, lib, ...}: { = lib.mkOption { type = lib.types.bool; default = true; };
danbst / all-packages.nix
Created Jan 19, 2019
Overlays in nixpkgs!
View all-packages.nix
inherit (import ../servers/sql/postgresql-default.nix pkgs super)
danbst /
Last active Jan 17, 2019
Nixos need a replacement for nixos-rebuild!

nixos executable

Basic features:

  • installable as package, even on non-nixos
  • is named nixos
  • is written in C++ and binds to Nix C++ library (or maybe Haskell? Nodejs? What you think?)
  • autocomplete, ncurses, Nix 2.0
  • commit to Git by default on each rebuild


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