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Windows sucks, too.

Windows sucks, too!



  • Microsoft Store:
    • Search bar camouflaged and in title bar.
    • Reinstalled Microsoft Teams. This time it did accept my company account type, but it had a noninteractive ad popup so i quit it. Now it's hard to find and launch from the Store.
    • Started Microsoft Teams App from Start menu. Same issue with it not accepting my company account email!
  • 3 ways to uninstall an app, none of which being the app store.
  • doesn't work on Windows.
  • New browser windows aren't maximized, and partially under the task bar. Fix by changing taskbar's shortcut properties.
  • Can't uninstall programs when out of space on C:


  • Windows is not free.
  • Windows is not open source.
  • Windows comes with annoying spy/bloat/adware.
  • Microsoft killed DR-DOS, OS/2, and BeOS, made an attempt on Linux, and allegedly only saved Apple to prevent more monopoly lawsuits. As evident by lack of approval voting and in spite of cartel law, de-jure duopolies are fine.



  • Hides $Recycle.Bin when sorting by date.
  • Default apps need a reboot to completely remove. And you can't add a program with the same name until you do.
  • Explorer just fails to do anything on trying to move thousands of files from a USB drive if it includes one with a long name. Total Commander was able to do the task and keep the name.
  • Explorer also hangs with only 2,752 files in one HDD folder. Maybe due to me trying to rename a file while it was still trying to preview it.
  • Explorer can't rename a filename that's 255 chars long. It pretends to when you shorten it enough, but keeps the old long name.
  • NTFS allows each path component (directory or filename) to be 255 characters long, but Windows 11 Explorer does nothing when attempting to move a file with a 229-char filename to a subfolder, or even a selection containing that file, but a couple of 232-char name files did move individually, but one's path copies like D:\code\AI\Python\2024-0~4\2024-0~1.PNG instead of the complete name, but Windows successfully scanned the drive. No errors were found. 400+ GB free and 0% activity on that SSD. D:\code\AI\Python>move 2024-02-05*.png 2024-02-05/ works fine though. Much faster as well.
  • Windows 11 Explorer search results are extremely inconsistent as well, and even copy the hidden current folder areas from Finder. image Good thing i duplicated the date in the filename as the result's folder is only discoverable via the context menu that only appears when you don't click too close to the invisible separators.
  • Needs winget install Microsoft.PowerToys --source winget to enable SVG thumbnails.
  • Needs or rather to enable HEIC thumbnails. It's sad that Windows' best feature needs external tools now like it's MacOS.


Task bar

  • How to remove "ENG" ("Input Indicator" system icon setting), date ("Clock" also hides time), and empty notification icon (Will "Action Center" reappear when there is a notification?) from task bar, and move pinned items to Start tiles? (Windows 10, because Windows 11 doesn't support this HP laptop's AMD CPU for no apparent reason.)
  • PotPlayer icon in Windows 11 task bar lacks a running indicator.
  • Can't resize or move Windows 11 task bar, despite Edge featuring vertical tabs and window snapping being the best yet: Windows 11 has excellent window management.
  • Windows 11 task bar context menu sucks as well, but can be fixed with this registry setting.

Xbox 360

  • Xbox 360 broke internet support. Fix by removing last update via X, LB, RB, X, LB, RB, X.
  • Optical drive lens fails and can't be cleaned by a 10 euro disk like my 30 euro DVD player.
  • A pain to open without breaking the plastic near the HDMI connection unless you use a good guide. Also be sure to have a T10 Torx screwdriver to open the case, a Phillips one for the drive, and some more aggressive lens cleaner in case the regular stuff doesn't work when directly applied either.
  • Not backwards compatible with all older Xbox games. Same for Xbox One.
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