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CarlTBarnes / GroupMoveChildren.clw
Last active September 22, 2022 14:45
GROUP Move and also All Child Controls X,Y Position
!When a GROUP X/Y Position is changed it does NOT move the Child Controls
!This loops through the child controls and moves each one
!The XAdjust / YAdjust parameters allow some extra move from the TO Control X/Y
GroupMoveChildren(LONG FromGroup, LONG ToControl, LONG XAdjust=0, LONG YAdjust=0)
CarlTBarnes / Get_SetWindowLong.CLW
Last active April 14, 2024 21:42
GetWindowLong() then SetWindowLong() applying an OFF and ON Bitmask
GetSetWindowLongFEQ_GWL_Style Procedure(LONG ControlFEQ, LONG BitsOFF, LONG BitsON) ,LONG,PROC
GetSetWindowLongFEQ_GWL_ExStyle Procedure(LONG ControlFEQ, LONG BitsOFF, LONG BitsON) ,LONG,PROC
GetSetWindowLongFEQ Procedure(LONG ControlFEQ, LONG WLnIndex, LONG BitsOFF, LONG BitsON) ,LONG,PROC
GetSetWindowLongHnd Procedure(LONG WndHandle, LONG WLnIndex, LONG BitsOFF, LONG BitsON) ,LONG,PROC
GetWindowLong(SIGNED hWnd, SIGNED nIndex ),PASCAL,RAW,LONG,PROC,NAME('GetWindowLongA'),DLL(1)
SetWindowLong(SIGNED hWnd, SIGNED nIndex, LONG dwNewLong ),PASCAL,RAW,LONG,PROC,NAME('SetWindowLongA'),DLL(1)
CarlTBarnes / RemoveFileWithAPI.clw
Last active March 21, 2024 17:43
REMOVE() in RTL has bugs and is very slow using ShFileOperation(). My replacement uses API DeleteFile() and sets Clarion ErrorCode() so can replace REMOVE().
!There are a few Remove() things here, what you want is FileApiRemove FUNCTION(STRING Fn2Delete),LONG,PROC
!In C8 Clarion REMOVE() was enhanced a second parameter with flags to allow wildcards, recursion, etc
!It was changed from calling API DeleteFile() to use the much more complicated ShFileOperation()
!This makes it much slower and more bug prone
!My replacement FileApiRemove() uses API DeleteFile() then sets the Claion Error so it can replace
!an existing REMOVE() in Clarion code. If you are using Remove(FILE) you'll need REMOVE(Name(File))
!or you can create a FileApi2Remove(FILE FileRef) that calls FileApiRemove(FileRef{PROP:Name}) or NAME()
!I named it "FileApiRemove(" so if you are searching "REMOVE(" you'll file it, versus RemoveUsingAPI() would not.
!Search and Replace inside a STRING
ReplaceInto PROCEDURE(*STRING Into, STRING FindTxt,STRING ReplaceTxt,BYTE ClipInto=0),LONG,PROC !Returns Count
ReplaceText PROCEDURE(STRING InText,STRING FindTxt,STRING ReplaceTxt,BYTE ClipInto=0),STRING !Returns Strng with FindTxt Replaced
ReplaceInto PROCEDURE(*STRING Into, STRING Find,STRING Repl,BYTE ClipInto=0)!,LONG,PROC !Returns Count
CarlTBarnes / ListDropDown.clw
Created July 27, 2021 18:26
LIST and COMBO -- Show the DROP List or Hide it with WinAPI message CB_SHOWDROPDOWN
ListDropDown PROCEDURE(LONG FeqList, BOOL RollUp=0) !0=Down 1=Roll Up
PostMessage(LONG hWnd,LONG wMsg,LONG wParam,LONG lParam),BOOL,PROC,PASCAL,DLL(1),NAME('PostMessageA')
ListDropDown PROCEDURE(LONG FeqList, BOOL RollUp=0) !0=Down 1=Roll Up
CarlTBarnes / ReportManualPaging.clw
Last active April 30, 2021 16:44
Report Manual Paging Class and Template
!This CLASS was written to **replace page checking code** in reports that was in many places
!For most all people the **replace** comment will NOT apply.
!This is not an easy an easy thing to do. I cannot explain it all here.
! Steps to Implement ManRpt Class
!1. Add the Extension Template ReportLineHeightMaxSet Template so all lines have
! a. Sets all DETAIL PROP:MaxHeight=Height so line Height is exactly correct
! b. For all DETAILs defines LnHt_Label LONG variable and sets = DETAIL PROP:Height for use with Height calcs
CarlTBarnes / Option2DropList.clw
Last active April 30, 2021 12:37
Replace OPTION with LIST,DROP - find all OPTION controls on a Window and generate a LIST,DROP() with FROM('Text#Value') as the RADIO('Text'),Value('valuie') plus PROMPT
! Version 2 - DROP and No DROP in one procedure. FORMAT() and ~Header option
! Generate LIST,DROP,FROM() reading OPTION and RADIOs -- or LIST without DROP
! Option + Radio's take mnore space that a LIST,DROP,FROM('radio|radio|radio')
! The Option can be easier for the User and more obvious of all the choices without dropping
! Some times you don't have the space, or too many Options can be visual clutter
Option2DropList PROCEDURE() !Add this to your program and a button on the Window to call it,
MODULE('RTL') !Global MAP Requires this
CarlTBarnes / DropListPretty.clw
Last active April 28, 2021 00:03
Find all LIST with DROP and make easier to see. Color light yellow like Tool Tip, add margin, grid lines lighter
!Make Drop lists more visible coloring like Tool Tip, easier to see with Format and +1 Line Spacing
DropListPretty PROCEDURE
LstFEQ LONG,AUTO !Drop List is separate control Fld{PROP:Drop}
CarlTBarnes / MenuOpenMessage.clw
Last active April 13, 2021 03:09
Menu Open Message WM_INITMENU to modify menus before opening
!Often right when Menus are being opened you want to change the Menus
!based on the other variables and things.
!Simple example of SubClass Window to get a WM_INITMENU Message before Menus display
!This adds Time to an Item text to show it changing at time it opens
!It also adds Time when closed, you get a Message when window close also WM_EXITMENULOOP
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
<description>Application with Visual Styles for Windows 10</description>
<trustInfo xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3">