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Created November 30, 2012 08:27
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Javascript: encode(decode) html text into html entity
// encode(decode) html text into html entity
var decodeHtmlEntity = function(str) {
return str.replace(/&#(\d+);/g, function(match, dec) {
return String.fromCharCode(dec);
var encodeHtmlEntity = function(str) {
var buf = [];
for (var i=str.length-1;i>=0;i--) {
buf.unshift(['&#', str[i].charCodeAt(), ';'].join(''));
return buf.join('');
var entity = '高级程序设计';
var str = '高级程序设计';
console.log(decodeHtmlEntity(entity) === str);
console.log(encodeHtmlEntity(str) === entity);
// output:
// true
// true
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