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naupaka /
Last active August 4, 2018 10:45
Tips for dealing with DNS issues in OS X Yosemite
jbarratt / nblist
Last active August 29, 2015 14:04
#!/usr/bin/env python
""" A cross-platform (POSIX, at least) tool to list running IPython Notebooks
and their working directories.
This code will be incredibly simpler to write as of IPython 3.0, so
contains numerous workarounds to make it work on 2.x.
Thanks to @takluyver for the suggestions for improvement.
mlgill /
Last active May 3, 2021 02:00
Uninstalling Adobe AIR on Mac OS X
# Installing Adobe AIR creates an application called "Adobe AIR Uninstaller" in /Applications/Utilities.
# Unfortunately, running this application does not uninstall the application and instead, it seems to
# unhelpfully confirm that it's installed (
# The proper way to run this application as an uninstaller is to run the enclosed from the command line
# with the flag "-uninstall" as superuser:
sudo /Applications/Utilities/Adobe\ AIR\\ AIR\ Installer -uninstall
jsomers / websters-kindle.mdown
Created May 19, 2014 01:42
How to make the Webster's 1913 your default Kindle dictionary

How to make the Webster's 1913 your default Kindle dictionary

  1. Download a Kindle-compatible version of the dictionary here. Unzip the .rar archive.

  2. Get the "Send to Kindle" program on your computer. Here's the link for the Mac.

  3. Right-click your recently downloaded (unzipped) dictionary file, and click the "Send to Kindle" menu item. It will arrive on your Kindle shortly.

  4. Once the dictionary has arrived, go to your settings -- on my newish paperwhite, it's at Home > Settings > Device Options > Language and Dictionaries > Dictionaries > English. Choose the Webster's 1913.

hiilppp / redirect_to_pythonista.html
Created January 4, 2014 14:23
HTML file that opens Pythonista, where a specified script is executed, while the browser window closes in the background. This serves as workaround for IFTTT's lack of support for custom URL schemes in the URL parameter of Pushover's Channel.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; pythonista://"/>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<script language="JavaScript">
setTimeout("self.close()", 500);
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
import re
import csv
import sys
from datetime import datetime
tweets = csv.reader(open("tweets.csv"), delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
joelcarranza / pinswift-bookmarklet.js
Last active April 17, 2020 14:22
bookmarklet template for Pinswift
// bookmarklet template for Pinswift
// This can be copied into a bookmarklet maker like:
// Or used with Gruber's script
var href = location.href;
var path = 'pinswift://x-callback-url/add';
tell application "Mail"
set _sel to get selection
set _links to {}
repeat with _msg in _sel
set _messageURL to "message://%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e"
set end of _links to _messageURL
end repeat
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to return
set the clipboard to (_links as string)
end tell
ttscoff /
Created August 29, 2013 02:19
Via @pilotmoon, the secret to shortening your popclip bar.
$ defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip UseShortTitles -bool YES
$ killall PopClip && open -a PopClip
Zettt /
Last active May 5, 2021 15:58
Script that reads OpenMeta tags and writes them to OS X Mavericks tags. This requires a OpenMeta binary to be installed. Change its path, if you prefer it to be somewhere else. For the files to be processed properly don't include a trailing slash in `$files…
# =============================================================
# = OpenMeta to OS X Tags =
# =============================================================
# Script to convert OpenMeta tags to OS X Mavericks tags.
# Created by Zettt (Andreas Zeitler) on 2013-06-28
# Source,
# OpenMeta to OS X Tags by Andreas Zeitler is licensed under a
# Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike