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Viktor Chlumský Chlumsky

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#include <math_constants>
image Input = file("maze.png");
glsl vec4 initialState(vec2 pos) {
vec4 input = texture(Input, pos);
vec4 color = vec4(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
// Detect starting point
if (input.g > 0.5 && input.r + input.b < 1.0)
View halfplane.shadron
glsl {
// Signed distance from half-plane defined by oriented line segment (a, b)
float halfPlaneDistance(vec2 pos, vec2 a, vec2 b) {
return dot(normalize(vec2(b.y-a.y, a.x-b.x)), a-pos);
// Anti-aliased half-plane defined by oriented line segment (a, b)
float halfPlaneSmooth(vec2 pos, vec2 a, vec2 b, float border) {
View us-flag.shadron
#include <math_constants>
#include <shapes>
const vec3 WHITE = vec3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
const vec3 RED = vec3(0.698, 0.132, 0.203);
const vec3 BLUE = vec3(0.234, 0.233, 0.430);
#define A 1.0
#define B 1.9
View particles.shadron
#include <billboard>
#include <perlin>
#include <hsv>
param float OPACITY = 0.25;
glsl struct ParticleData {
vec2 position;
float phase;
View model.shadron
#include <math_constants>
#include <affine_transform>
#include <lighting>
param int sides = 3 : logrange(3, 12);
param float zRotation : range(-PI, PI);
param float xRotation : range(-PI, PI);
glsl struct FragmentData {
View blur.shadron
#include "plot.shadron"
image Input = file("julia.png") : map(clamp);
#define PXSIZE shadron_PixelSize
param int STEPS = 8;
param float SIGMA = 1;
param float blurRange = 8 : range(256);
View plot.shadron
#define PLOT_SAMPLES 3
glsl vec4 plot(vec2 pos) {
vec2 tPos = vec2(
mix(float(XMIN), float(XMAX), pos.x),
mix(float(YMIN), float(YMAX), pos.y)
vec2 pxSize = vec2((XMAX)-(XMIN), (YMAX)-(YMIN))*shadron_PixelSize;
View msdf-preview.shadron
#include <math_constants>
#include <median>
#include <billboard>
#include <affine_transform>
glsl float linearStep(float a, float b, float x) {
return clamp((x-a)/(b-a), 0.0, 1.0);
Chlumsky / cogwheels.shadron
Created Oct 30, 2016
Shadron Cogwheels Tutorial
View cogwheels.shadron
#include <math_constants>
#include <multisample>
glsl struct Cogwheel {
vec2 center;
float r;
int teeth;
float toothSize;
float toothShape;
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