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Create an interesting and engaging narrative for a runner based on their annual running statistics.
name: Jerry
distance: 1,740 miles
distance comparison: run around the world in 14 years
total runs: 251
hours run: 261
streak: 11
climb: 9,723 metres
climb comparison: El Capitan four times
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Last active November 29, 2021 17:16
running report GPT3 prompt
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Write a narrative that describes when an athlete tends to go running, make it fun and inspiring.
name: Colin
gender: M
long runs: Thursday or Monday
workouts: Sunday or Monday
time of day: morning
mostly runs on: weekday
narrative: We are creatures of habit, runners more so than most! You're most likely to find Colin pulling on his trainers and hitting the road (or trail) on a weekday. Colin is a morning runner, heading out as the sun starts to rise and when the roads are nice and quiet. We've analysed the data, and he tends to go for long runs on a Thursday or a Monday and works out on a Sunday or a Monday.
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Created November 19, 2021 13:24
prompt text for AI train guy
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Comment on: complexion
Location: isolated at home
Situation: Jeff needs more brand recognition
Conversation: Hi Col, yeah, yeah, look at your complexion boy. You are grey-abysmal, like a haunted dishcloth. Yeah, yeah, yeah, hilario, I know, I know. I've had a few, so it's alco-lol. Listen, I've just had a virtual conflab with Jeff Lynton, the Jeff Lynton. Une problemo significato regarding the pencil cases, yeah, yeah. He's got fudgey knickers about brand recognition and market placement, yeh. He wants them to be aspirational with a hint of science fiction. So you need to inflate your thought space with ome very hot fart. So quack on. Don't fear success, fear the urban fox. Have a campaccuccu on me Col. You are as ever a damp crab. Ciao, and bella ontario. See ya Col.
Comment on: bracelet
Location: isolated at home
Situation: Jeff wants us to on an algorithm
Conversation: Look at you with your little bracelet, your little wrist-bracelet ya. Makes you look like you once had a girlfriend, ya, hilario, I know,
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Created June 29, 2021 21:08
timezone viz
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
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// the code from this gist:
// re-implemented in AssemblyScript
import "wasi";
import { Console, FileSystem, Descriptor } from "as-wasi";
class Nullable<T> {
constructor(public value: T, public isNull: bool = false) {}
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Created July 16, 2020 11:06
Google TImeline Data Scrape
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const fetch = require("node-fetch");
const xpath = require("xpath");
const dom = require("xmldom").DOMParser;
const moment = require("moment");
const namespace = `xmlns=""`;
function sleep(ms) {
return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));
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Created September 20, 2019 08:48
Line annotation ticks
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license: mit
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Most popular programming languages on StackOverflow
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license: mit
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Created May 15, 2019 15:55
Line / Area Chart
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license: mit
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Cryptocurrency average order price versus size
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license: mit