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CromFr /
Last active February 6, 2019 18:46
NW2 GUI Scripting

GUI Scripting



The GUI are written in a non standard form of XML.

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am cromfr on github.
  • I am crom ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBTj-a7YYJPo5WfwpeS4x7-wea4omgJhV1QSQ-DEnw1Rgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

CromFr / NWN2ServerArgs
Last active July 31, 2017 01:19
NWN2Server command line args
Set custom directory instead of Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2
1 = easy, 2 = normal, 3 = D&D hardcore, 4 = very difficult

NWN2 TRN.ASWM packet structure

Thibaut CHARLES -

This document is a mix of information:

  • I found by reverse engineering: basic structure, vertices, edged, triangles
  • Extracted from Skywing NWN2DataLib source code: everything else

My implementation can be found here, and supports parsing, serialization, mesh importation, path table & island

CromFr / gist:33658e3f53ca7334ad4e
Created February 3, 2015 13:27
alias for terminal <hr/>
alias hr='echo -e "\e[45m`for i in {1..\`tput cols\`} ; do ; echo -n \" \" ; done`\e[m"'
CromFr /
Created September 28, 2014 01:24
Backup script
export DISPLAY=:0
if [[ $CONFIRMED == "" ]] ; then
#Ask user
if zenity --question --text="Hey dude ! I want to do a backup! \nIs everything OK?" --icon-name="emblem-downloads" --default-cancel
export CONFIRMED="1"
gnome-terminal -e "/opt/"
exit 0
CromFr / Paysan
Created June 29, 2014 20:57
*Sight* J'aim'rais tellement sortir de c'te faux...
Quéski s'passe encoré?
On va faucher le blé?
Chuis pas une faucille !
Qu'est-ce qu'il faut faucher?
T'es plutôt jambes ou blé aujourd'hui ?
CromFr / Notes D.d
Created January 31, 2014 12:26
Notes on D programming
Notes D
"===================================== Types:"
auto a = 12;
// Same as c++11 auto
// Name of the type
CromFr / gist:7532257
Created November 18, 2013 17:56
notes tpelec
Types de perturations
Perturbations basse fréquence «BF»
Perturbations haute fréquence «HF»
Citer les différents moyens de protection permettant d'assurer une protection efficace contre la propagation ou la réception des perturbations électromagnétiques.
Filtrage des fréquences
(Protection du fil)
CromFr / gist:7332474
Created November 6, 2013 07:57
Notes Microtransat
Mojo v3 (Embeded Micro)
Linux embarqué:
Beaglebone Black
(5v, 210-460mA)