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Last active June 15, 2023 21:13
A list of games that I've enjoyed and would recommend. Some of them are more additive than others (I'll try and include emoji warnings).

Emoji guide:

  • 👯 Supports co-op gameplay (my preference over PvP)
  • 😵 Can get a bit addictive...
  • 💵 Game has a payments system and they try and get money from you other than through the purchase price
  • ⚙️ Can require a bit of a grind to be rewarding
  • 🎫 Available on MS Xbox Game pass which I think is reasonable value...
  • 💺 Best enjoyed in a couch co-op scenario


DamonOehlman /
Last active November 6, 2022 09:34
Awesome one liners (not to be used in bars)

A collection of useful commands for dealing with various systems.


List all (local) branches and report date and sort in descending order:

git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format='%(committerdate:short) %(refname:short)'
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Last active June 13, 2021 20:22
How to prepare for going offline

The following is an "oh noes, where's my Internet" guide to surviving as a coder with no or limited Internet. Primarily the guide is focused on those who will be doing JS development (and using npm as a package manager) but some of the advice is useful for other environments also.

Step 1. Clone all things

Tooling in this steps require that you have git installed, and use github for your repositories.

One thing I really like to do when I get a bit of time offline, is clean up an old repository that I once thought was useful. I rarely know about what project this might be in advance. As a result, I like to clone all the things from my personal github account.

To do this I recommend using multirepo, which is best installed (at the moment) like so:

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Last active September 28, 2015 21:37
Debugging Browser Graphical Performance (NOTES TO SELF)
DamonOehlman /
Created May 19, 2015 22:43
Talks I'd be happy to give, i.e. feel passionate about, and know mostly enough

Death to Isomorphic JS

When exactly did we decide that we should substitute the term "code reuse" with isomorphism? I didn't get the memo...

All the Streams

So you've heard about streams huh? Yeah, the kind that makes producing, transforming and consuming data more portable. That's great. Did you know there are a few different kinds of streams, and it's not a one type will solve all your problems? No? Ah, well let me explain...

Don't control, react

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Created April 12, 2015 07:42
Useful Links for Performance Optimizing Node Code
DamonOehlman / index.js
Created April 1, 2015 00:01
requirebin sketch
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var COLORLIST = ['red', 'blue', 'yellow', 'green', 'pink'];
var h = require('hyperscript');
function toggler(value) {
return function(evt) {
var currentColor =;
var currentIdx = COLORLIST.indexOf(currentColor);
console.log(currentIdx + ' ^ ' + value + ' = ' + (currentIdx ^ value)); = COLORLIST[currentIdx ^ value];
DamonOehlman / .bithoundrc
Created March 18, 2015 02:12
My default .bithoundrc file
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"ignore": [
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Last active August 1, 2023 05:23
Using nginx to proxy HTTPS to local non HTTPS servers

An nginx configuration that can be added to your /etc/nginx/sites-enabled directory to proxy from the local nginx server through to other servers running on other ports. Primarily this is useful when you want to view a site using HTTPS but don't want to associate the certificate with that local server.

The following proxys work:

http://localhost/ => http://localhost:9966/
https://localhost/ => http://localhost:9966/

https://localhost/<port>/ => http://localhost:<port>/
https://localhost// =&gt; http://localhost:/