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General WebRTC tips and tricks collated over time

Chrome Flags

This information source from the following url:

And also in the chromium source:

Simulate Capture with a Fake Stream (test video and audio signal)


Suppress the Permission Dialog


Use a raw video file rather than test media stream


See my bash alias for an example...

NOTE: No audio as far as I can tell.

Debug Logging

--enable-logging --v=1 --vmodule=*source*/talk/*=3

Bash Alias

# initialise the chrome alias
alias chrome="rm -rf $HOME/.config/chrome-test && google-chrome --console --no-first-run --user-data-dir=$HOME/.config/chrome-test --use-fake-device-for-media-stream --use-file-for-fake-video-capture=/home/doehlman/testvideo.y4m --enable-logging --v=1 --vmodule=*third_party/libjingle/*=3,*=0"

WebRTC Project Source Files of Interest

Constraints Available in Chrome


Debugging in Firefox

Starting firefox with logging (for data channels and sctp in this case):

NSPR_LOG_MODULES=datachannel:5,sctp:5 /opt/browsers/firefox/stable/firefox http://localhost:9966/
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chrome_debug.log file is found in the User's Home directory under:

Note that this directory is not shown in the Windows file explorer, so got to it via .
You can use NotePad to view it.

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For OSX:

alias chrome="rm -rf $HOME/.config/chrome-test && /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --console --no-first-run --user-data-dir=$HOME/.config/chrome-test --use-fake-device-for-media-stream --enable-logging --v=1 --vmodule=*third_party/libjingle/*=3,*=0"

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jfrux commented Jul 31, 2015

Anybody have a place to find decent test videos for streams. I like to be able to see different videos for each stream so I can tell if they are correctly placed for my app. I know I can convert them with ffmpeg but figured I'd see if anybody had any luck finding pre-formatted videos that just work good. I've seen the ones on but they aren't really modern or proper resolution and things. Would be nice to get some stock footage of users chatting to use for it.

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tonual commented Nov 17, 2016

Chrome Flags
For "Use a raw video file rather than test media stream" it should be --use-file-for-fake-video-capture NOT --use-fake-ui-for-media-stream.

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