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Created Dec 19, 2019
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Counter-Pick Wednesdays Episode 4

Counter-Pick Wednesdays Episode 4 (12/18)

Game vs VersedAce (Palu/Lucina)

Felt like I was in both games because of good reads / just solid neutral but when we got down to last stock / kill situation I changed my playstyle and allowed him to comeback (recognized I was about to take a game off of him G1 and then proceeded to flub and remove my hands from the controller on his bair flash)

  • fighting his Palu like I did gave me some confidence and ideas in the MU. I didnt go into the fight thinking I had no chance. I knew I had to be solid and felt like I was for 90% of the game

Game vs Aka

Won G1 in a comeback fashion (lost an early stock when he had ~40%) and brought it back for a nice win. After the game he thought about switching to Fox which would have been a big mistake on his part (easiest spacie to fight for DH). G2 I was down to 1 stock to his 3 and decided to just download for the rest of the game since there was no chance.. I brought it back to 1 stock a piece and got him to 50+ before tensing up and losing. G3 I took him to Lylat and was dominating the first stock (160%+ - 45%) and got hit offstage+went to recover low and got faired to death.. I then had to play the comeback game and brought it to the last hit last stock and lost..


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@DanBradbury DanBradbury commented Dec 19, 2019

My Winners Round 1 match was against someone a PT/Ganon. He started PT and I thought played the game real close (to the point I was scared for the second game) but then switched to Ganon... lost and tossed his controller

Practice on anther's ladder last night against a PT was a good warmup (played 2 matches against a decent PT)


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