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Last active Oct 20, 2020
Episode 5 Full

Side scrolling in GameMaker can be implemented with little effort. In this episode we take a step back from 2014 and take a look at how a 2d side scrolling games were implemented 20 years ago. Due to limited hardware, developers had to use smart memory management techniques to create the games that they wanted. In the 80s the best games were being made for consoles like the NES since they could support memory on the game card. In the early 1980s the standard graphics card for PCs; the CGA was not capable of even creating a satisfying 2d side scrolling effect. The Color/Graphics Adapter was IBM's first graphics card with a max resolution of 640×200, and support for 16 colors, and 16 kilobytes of video memory.

For a more more details on the CGA read on here.

This card did not have the capabilities to create the smooth side scrolling effect that NES and

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Last active Feb 19, 2020
Ripping character data from

Works on character links like this one..

  1. open console w/ F12 and paste the code above in
  2. final string is a CSV which you can import and use
  3. celebrate automation 🎉

Pasting this for my own future usage / refinement for pulling the entire cast out.. good starting point and looking at the source should get you any details that are presented and have the copy/paste protection on the website

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Created Dec 19, 2019
Counter-Pick Wednesdays Episode 4

Counter-Pick Wednesdays Episode 4 (12/18)

Game vs VersedAce (Palu/Lucina)

Felt like I was in both games because of good reads / just solid neutral but when we got down to last stock / kill situation I changed my playstyle and allowed him to comeback (recognized I was about to take a game off of him G1 and then proceeded to flub and remove my hands from the controller on his bair flash)

  • fighting his Palu like I did gave me some confidence and ideas in the MU. I didnt go into the fight thinking I had no chance. I knew I had to be solid and felt like I was for 90% of the game

Game vs Aka

Won G1 in a comeback fashion (lost an early stock when he had ~40%) and brought it back for a nice win. After the game he thought about switching to Fox which would have been a big mistake on his part (easiest spacie to fight for DH). G2 I was down to 1 stock to his 3 and decided to just download for the rest of the game since there was no chance.. I brought it back to 1 stock a piece and got him to 50+ before ten


Ludum Dare 43 Post Mortem

I'll do my best to keep all my disappointment out of this post but I am obviously a little upset that after X hours of work I didn't have a game to deliver. I think there are tons of things to take away from the entire experience even though technical tooling issues became too much.

What Ended Everything

I don't think it's fair to blame all the problems on a single extension but I will say that it was not smart on my part to try and use something I had never used (full cycle; dev -> deliverable .exe / HTML package).. I'm usually not the one to buy into the marketing hype but I was sold on the idea of having my draw functions be reloaded when I saved an object without having to recompile (was a huge save) without truly thinking about the potential consequences 3 days into the competition...

Not testing the tool (GMLive) adequately before jumping into a competition was a mistake.. should have / could have used a day before the Jam to create a small project that I had tested the

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Automate Bundle Download
import urllib, zipfile, os
from tqdm import tqdm
links = [
for link_location in tqdm(links):
urllib.urlretrieve(link_location, "")
zip = zipfile.ZipFile("")
import yaml,os, json
ENV_PREFIX = 'cc-api-service-beta-'
with open('serverless.yml') as f:
data = yaml.safe_load(f)
#print data['provider']['environment']
env_vars = {}
#env_string = "--environment Variables={first=1"
for env_var in data['provider']['environment'].keys():
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