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DanielJWood / ai2html_v115_double_text
Created January 23, 2024 17:07
ai2html script v. 0.115 featuring a doubling of any text in a layer called "upper-text"
// ai2html is a script for Adobe Illustrator that converts your Illustrator document into html and css.
// Copyright (c) 2011-2018 The New York Times Company
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this library except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
DanielJWood / globle_basemap_50m.json
Created May 24, 2022 15:37
Example of a 50m basemap for globle
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import processing
table = [2081,2081,1,570,570,2,779,779,2,957,957,2,1305,1305,2,1323,1323,2,1327,1327,2,1440,1440,2,1444,1444,2,1510,1510,2,1706,1706,2,1707,1707,2,1730,1730,2,1731,1731,2,1748,1748,2,2000,2000,2,2047,2047,2,2063,2063,2,2076,2076,2,2146,2146,2,2147,2147,2,2149,2149,2,2160,2160,2,1298,1298,3,1299,1299,3,1304,1304,3,1306,1306,3,1313,1313,3,1320,1320,3,1325,1325,3,1328,1328,3,1335,1335,3,1441,1441,3,1460,1460,3,1461,1461,3,1525,1525,3,1575,1575,3,1603,1603,3,1631,1631,3,1653,1653,3,1669,1669,3,1749,1749,3,1750,1750,3,1753,1753,3,1762,1762,3,1770,1770,3,1775,1775,3,1786,1786,3,1787,1787,3,1792,1792,3,1800,1800,3,1808,1808,3,1833,1833,3,1834,1834,3,1858,1858,3,1971,1971,3,2011,2011,3,2026,2026,3,2028,2028,3,2044,2044,3,2045,2045,3,2050,2050,3,2065,2065,3,2079,2079,3,2102,2102,3,2103,2103,3,2107,2107,3,2108,2108,3,2109,2109,3,2123,2123,3,2129,2129,3,2145,2145,3,2150,2150,3,922,922,4,955,955,4,1296,1296,4,1297,1297,4,1321,1321,4,1437,1437,4,1438,1438,4,1442,1442,4,1451,1451,4,1454,1454,4,1455,1455,
DanielJWood / all_fire_reclassify_table.txt
Created September 21, 2021 20:57
Table for reclassifying allfire data in QGIS
table = [2081,2081,1,570,570,2,779,779,2,957,957,2,1305,1305,2,1323,1323,2,1327,1327,2,1440,1440,2,1444,1444,2,1510,1510,2,1706,1706,2,1707,1707,2,1730,1730,2,1731,1731,2,1748,1748,2,2000,2000,2,2047,2047,2,2063,2063,2,2076,2076,2,2146,2146,2,2147,2147,2,2149,2149,2,2160,2160,2,1298,1298,3,1299,1299,3,1304,1304,3,1306,1306,3,1313,1313,3,1320,1320,3,1325,1325,3,1328,1328,3,1335,1335,3,1441,1441,3,1460,1460,3,1461,1461,3,1525,1525,3,1575,1575,3,1603,1603,3,1631,1631,3,1653,1653,3,1669,1669,3,1749,1749,3,1750,1750,3,1753,1753,3,1762,1762,3,1770,1770,3,1775,1775,3,1786,1786,3,1787,1787,3,1792,1792,3,1800,1800,3,1808,1808,3,1833,1833,3,1834,1834,3,1858,1858,3,1971,1971,3,2011,2011,3,2026,2026,3,2028,2028,3,2044,2044,3,2045,2045,3,2050,2050,3,2065,2065,3,2079,2079,3,2102,2102,3,2103,2103,3,2107,2107,3,2108,2108,3,2109,2109,3,2123,2123,3,2129,2129,3,2145,2145,3,2150,2150,3,922,922,4,955,955,4,1296,1296,4,1297,1297,4,1321,1321,4,1437,1437,4,1438,1438,4,1442,1442,4,1451,1451,4,1454,1454,4,1455,1455,4,1506,1506,4,1507,
DanielJWood / .env
Created August 1, 2019 18:47
.env file for education explorer
count: 5,
DanielJWood / getRandomSentence.js
Created November 21, 2018 16:19
Function to grab a random number of words from a random list of words
function getRandomTitle() {
var words = "suricate homonomous unconsiderable asphaltene sturdiness Trionyx pigmentation episcope torchlight keynoter Kharia osmose Halteridium underproduce misbecomingly compulsory zyme overdaringly Cristivomer unaffrightedly bailey septemplicate alterity sarcophagy"
var words = words.split(" ")
var max = 10;
var min = 3;
var num = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) ) + min;
var num2 = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) ) + min;
var randTitle = "";
for (var i = 0; i < num; i++) {
randTitle = randTitle + " " + words[i+num2];
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