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Last active October 23, 2022 13:24
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Enabling the full challenge editor of Test Drive Unlimited & More!
Okay so here's how to activate the full editor in TDU.
First, you're going to want to backup the following files in your TDU install folder:
- Euro\Bnk\FX\FX.INI (File)
- Euro\Bnk\ (File)
- Euro\Bnk\Ige\ (The entire folder)
Just copy them somewhere else so you can restore things back in case you want to go back.
The IGE folder is probably the most important as the editor WILL overwrite challenges here.
Next, you'll need to replace Euro\Bnk\ with a Magic Map. This seems to disable the file size check on the *.ini files and without that, you'll end up breaking your graphics (stuff will go black etc.)
If you already have something like TDU Community Patch or the TDU Ultra Community Pack then chances are you will already have it.
But if you don't...or you want to keep your install as vanilla as possible then here is a link to just the magic map:
Extract the zip to your TDU Install Folder, it will overwrite the with a Magic Map.
Next, you'll want to go to Euro\Bnk\FX\ and edit the FX.ini.
I recommend that you use Notepad++ or Sublime Text rather than Windows Notepad, I haven't tested changes with Windows Notepad.
Before [CAR] and a few new lines right at the top of the file (so you're moving [CAR] down)
Then just add this:
So it should look something like this:
ocean stuff blabla
Save the file and now go boot up TDU.
Once you get into free-ride pause the game using "P" on your keyboard (or whatever you bound it to) and click on editor.
Then click on EDIT instead of NEW, you should now see all the challenges in the game, pick one you recognize to edit.
If you want to create a race, edit a race, if you want to create a time trial, edit a time trial, if you want to create a speed, edit a speed.
For example, I use "A little challenge" for races and "Return on Investment" for Time Trials.
Once you have loaded up a challenge, go crazy and edit it, note that you do not need to Test Drive races, although you should for Time Trials and Speed Challenges.
When you're done click save and it'll overwrite the existing challenge with your own.
Then all you gotta do is come out of the editor, go to the map and go to the challenge that you edited and start it.
Some notes + EXTRA :
- You can probably use any .ini file you want. I'm just using FX.ini, but I've also tested editing "Leaderboards.ini" in the "DataBase" folder and that appears to work.
- The text in the top left corner is the name of the file it will edit, you can find this file in Euro\Bnk\Ige\NAMEOF.IGE (hint filter by date in explorer to find the most recent one you edited)
- Browsing through the edit menu will show the filename for each challenge when you highlight them.
- BOTS HATE going backward in a race, so no races that go up and down the same road (it's fine if they go to another road first), or checkpoints that are ahead and then directly behind you. They WILL break.
- BOTS HATE the racetrack, they'll get a good way around and then get stuck endlessly using the "Back to road" feature and slowly start to teleport backward.
- BOTS are sometimes very stupid and break for no reason. If bots hate a corner and get stuck driving forwards into a fence try to add more checkpoints or use a different road. (The golf club to the South-East has a road nearby that bots have trouble driving on.)
- BOTS are sometimes IFFY racing on the one-way roads if traffic is enabled, they have a high chance of crashing into traffic and then just stopping because they're waiting for the traffic to move. (This mainly affects IAReplacePlayer as the player AI doesn't behave 100% like an AI.) (Real bots will move again when the player is a distance away from them, this is because the traffic around them despawn and because the physics for the bots gets replaced with a fake...floaty like physics after a certain distance.)
- If IAReplacePlayer = 1 and the AI player gets stuck, there's a small random chance of a silent crash to desktop.
- If IAReplacePlayer = 1 then you should disable traffic where possible in challenges, the A.I can get stuck in place when going the wrong way on roads. (Or turn off Traffic Physics so they disappear when hit by using PhysicsMaxCount = 0)
More can be added to the top of FX.ini or your .ini file of choosing!
Here are a few more things to add to FX.ini if you want. (There are more than this)
Note: adding // before a setting will comment it out and restore it to default. Example: //GMEDESIGNER = TRUE will disable the full editor.
Note: Some of these commands are pretty much in-built cheats, do not use them to cheat online that is very bad and you should feel bad if you do.
Final Note: You don't actually have to use FX.INI. You can use any .ini file, like Radio.ini (\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Radio\Radio.ini) or Leaderboards.ini (Euro\Bnk\DataBase\Leaderboards.ini)
Ideally it would be great if we could use GamePC.ini in TDU's root folder. But this does not work, perhaps a memory patch could re-enable loading of this file? This would possibly also allow for extra functions to be used, as some do not work in FX.ini/Radio.ini/Leaderboards.ini.
Go here for extra commands:
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Go here if you want extra commands to put in FX.ini or any other .ini file:

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