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My new favorite way to launch MSYS2
@echo off
cd %~dp0
set MSYSTEM=%~1
set _TERM=%~2
set _SH=%~3
set _ARGS=%~4
REM If MSYSTEM is empty, uses MSYS.
REM Other valid values for MSYSTEM are MINGW32 and MINGW64.
if "x%MSYSTEM%" == "x" set MSYSTEM=MSYS
REM If _TERM is empty we use the default Windows terminal, not sure what it is called.
REM Another valid value is "mintty", but you can use a custom terminal too.
if "x%_TERM%" == "xmintty" set _TERM=usr/bin/mintty --option AppId=msys2 -i /msys2.ico
REM If _SH is empty or equal to "bash", we use an interactive, login bash shell.
REM Alternatively, you can use a custom shell.
if "x%_SH%" == "x" set _SH=usr/bin/bash --login -i
if "x%_SH%" == "xbash" set _SH=usr/bin/bash --login -i
start %_TERM% %_SH% %_ARGS%

Here are some example ways you can launch MSYS2 using msys2_env.bat:

  • MSYS2 MSYS Console
    • msys2_env
    • msys2_env MSYS "" bash
    • msys2_env "" mintty
    • msys2_env MSYS mintty bash
  • MSYS2 Win32 Console
    • msys2_env MINGW32
    • msys2_env MINGW32 "" bash
  • MSYS2 Win32 MinTTY
    • msys2_env MINGW32 mintty
    • msys2_env MINGW32 mintty bash

I'm thinking we would ship msys2_env.bat with several shortcuts that provide useful combinations like this.

What should we call the default Windows terminal? I called it "Console" in the examples above.

If people are excited about it, I could work on a pull request to make it part of MSYS2. If not, that's fine.

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