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Last active Apr 15, 2020
Mac SUDO Touchbar

Sudo Touchbar

Done on macOS 10.15.3
This outlines basic instructions on how to make it so that when you run a sudo command, it asks for the touchbar. The only annoying part of this is that it pops up a window instead of just staying in the terminal.

sudo File

WARNING: If you fuck up this file, you probably won't be able to execute sudo.

So, these lines will need to be at the top of the /etc/pam.d/sudo file.

View untrusted-lvl12-solution.js
* robotNav.js
* The green key is located in a slightly more
* complicated room. You'll need to get the robot
* past these obstacles.
function startLevel(map) {
// Hint: you can press R or 5 to "rest" and not move the
View settings.go
package settings
import (
// App holds onto the application specific configurations.
View Profiles.json
"Profiles": [
"Link Color" : {
"Red Component" : 0.2919752080924809,
"Color Space" : "sRGB",
"Blue Component" : 0.958709716796875,
"Alpha Component" : 1,
"Green Component" : 0.61811793602673359