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today I'll be mostly updating my github status

Dom Weldon DomWeldon

today I'll be mostly updating my github status
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Last active June 24, 2022 15:38
CRUD Router
# Standard Library
from typing import (
DomWeldon /
Last active January 25, 2023 17:39
SSM + pydantic: ARNs in environment variables are queried at load time

SSM + Pydantic

Query values from SSM when deployed, by placing an SSM ARN as the environment variable


I wanted to query secrets from SSM at runtime, to laod them into a pydantic.BaseSettings settings object, but still be able to pass standard values during development (and I guess, if I want, in prod).

I've done a couple of similar implementations before, but they have always felt clunky and involved altering the object after instantiation, or hard coding which values to take out of SSM.

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