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@echo off
:: The quick-and-nasty CVE-2013-0156 Heroku inspector!
:: Originally brought to you by @elliottkember with changes by @markpundsack @ Heroku
:: This fork created by @aghilmort of @thoughtpuzzle for windows platforms
:: Download and run using:
:: cmd heroku-CVE-2013-0156.bat
:: alternatively, run next line from command line to check apps individually
:: heroku run bundle show rails --app YOUR_HEROKU_APP_NAME
@echo Retrieving apps list from Heroku.
@echo This step may take a few...minutes...
cmd /C "heroku list > heroku_apps.txt"
@echo Cleaning up apps list.
find /v "=" heroku_apps.txt | find /v ".TXT" | findstr /r /v /c:"^$" > heroku_apps_list.txt
@echo Looping over apps to get Rails versions
@echo This step will take a while, perhaps minutes / app
@echo Go, get some coffee, we're working...really, it's ok
@echo on
for /F "tokens=1" %%i in (heroku_apps_list.txt) do heroku run bundle show rails --app %%i
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DotDotJames commented Jan 11, 2013

Lists your Rails app versions at Heroku from the windows command line shell, cmd.

Running below from command line will copy this gist to local batch file, heroku_rails_apps.bat and execute it:

cmd /C "curl > heroku_rails_apps.bat & heroku_rails_apps.bat"

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